DirectInput effects

Yes, if we find anything concrete to improve, then these will go on SC1 as well.

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about time. thanks Mika

Yeah, at the moment there are some accumulated comments on the effects, but little to no data on what is actually going on and what is wrong with them. I was hoping we can get a sort of “bug list” on the post above, everyone can contribute to it.


I will make time to test GIMX Device again and try to document some issues.
Wreckfest (old FFb implementation) and AM2 arcade emulaor are on my list of unsuported effects too

Forza emuwheel too, but if I remember correctly the problem lies on Friction Effect, as you stated, some weird phase issues and wheel turning itself when Friction enters in to play

I split the wiki post to two parts - effect implementation improvements and other fixes. Please try to remain objective there.


Is this something we can help out on?

I would love to get DirectdInput Effects working on old SimBin/gmotor games such as GTR2, GTL, Race 07, etc. as they can provide great extra forces to improve the experience and provide more information to the driver (eg. brake vibe, ‘rolling tyre feel’ steer vibe, etc.)

Right now I have to run the whole ffb on Low level or else weird forces end up in the wheel (eg. tap another car or wall and your steering alignment goes to the left or right - it’s not damage, it’s weird ffb).

Every other wheel out there doesn’t seem to have a problem with these. I don’t understand why it’s an issue with SimuCube.

What do you need from us to make these work?

Some improvements are a work in progress. We need beta testers at some point.

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Count me in when you do

This sounds like the jolt effect. Haven’t tested those games in the last years with the SC2, but the jolt effect was annoying even with the CSWv2. I always turned it off in the .ini file (scale at 0), or at least greatly reduced it. Back in the day they had predefined profiles for the available wheels on the market, where those canned effects blended perfectly. For the direct drive wheels, I’d imagine, the default settings would be really out of sync. I have P&G and GTL installed, and that’s a good incentive for me :slight_smile: to try them with SC2.

It won’t be a wasted effort IMO. The effects are part of the specification, so it’s important that they function properly. Especially the constant effect and the various periodic effects are actively used by the sim developers. ISI/S397and R3E are using periodic effects, while others are using mainly constant, and some both. For example Reiza (AMS2) started using recently a periodic effect in addition to the main constant effect, etc.
I agree that the condition effects are not that important for the sims (most sim racers turn them off anyway :slight_smile:). But they are used in the more mainstream titles.


Yeah, we are now improving both the USB interface and the implementing some things differently on the effect side, but lets see when we get a first beta ready. Most likely first beta will be just for the USB interface to see if it improves detection of the device in Linux and whether or not the effects still work the same with those changes, before actually going on to changing effects.

Hi all,

Does anyone know a game that uses DirectInput Spring effect these days? Even ETS2 seems to have moved on from that.

Codemasters games when on Pause and menu, iirc

Wreckfest disabling new FFB

I am quite sure WRC 9 and 10 do. But let me check out

From WRC 10!

Allright. Does the current Simucube 2 implementation of that effect work correctly, i.e. the wheel pulls towards the center?

I activated both only to show you that they are active and working. I never use them. I remember I asked you to what the “spring” effect is pointing to, for what exactly it would be for.

I can test it for you. I’m pretty sure WRC 9 has the same settings,so most likely they are also active in 9.

Please tell me what the effect should do. I can then tell you by tomorrow

Spring effect creates an artificial always-on force that always tries to center the wheel

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Thanks bro!! Good to know about

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Mika, you talk about games “these days.” Do you have any classic games to test on? They often used these effects.

I do have some, but it would be nice to know which ones to test.

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