Random freeze during race

Ciao everyone,
i have a problem it has been haunting me badly on the last couple of races, but had something similar in the past happening but not this severe and i have no clue on how to trace it:
While i’m driving at a random moment during the race i feel a micro freeze that locks the wheel in a turn with FFB engaged, no possibility to steer as the steering won’t get recognized, pedals which are attached to the base (simucube 2 pro) also don’t respond.
The cube controls steering wheel seems to receive inputs but not immediately from what i could see but still able to press the tow button but at the moment not sure if it unfreezes immediately or what.
Only solution is to turn off and turn on the simucube base to unfreeze everything.
Any where i can track this thru logs or see if it’s USB related or what?
true drive version 2021.1

Any help?
I’ve had this happen once more, this way in a different manner and i could notice more what was happening,
First my sfx motion ceased to work, like somone unplugged the device, 1 lap after same thing happens to the simucube 2 pro base, i can feel the ffb goin, but i can’t have any steering inputs and windows itself doesn’t recognise the device as connected, like if i pulled the usb cable.
HELP PLEASE! :sob: :sob: :sob:

Try to downgrade to 2020.10 firmware for now. Instructions: Simucube 2 firmware downgrade

Done that and it did seem to solve as i had no problems at all today! :pray:


Just setup my SC2 Pro today and had a similar issue. Started my first race and lost force feedback and input to the sim for ~.5 second during my qualifying outlap. Caught it on stream. Was nervous for the race, but was fine for the next 45 minutes.

Hi , I also had this issue with my sc2 pro . tried everything i could to sort problem with no joy .

finally seen a suggestion for using a cheap usb ground loop isolator from amazon . since it has been installed i have had zero issues.

ICQUANZX 1500V USB to USB Isolator Board Protection: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics