Raceroom and Simucube 2 - original thread

It’s far superior to my G29. Cost about 8x the price and I’d say it’s about 3x better in terms of the feeing it gives me.

I’m still open minded over what the might be the best DD for me though. I’ve only ever tried the SC2 and would love to have the chance to experience how all the other servos feel in comparison.

My hunch was and (still is) that the SC2 is technically the best DD out there. That’s why I chose it over the Podium, back when they were both about to launch at very similar times.

It’s highly unlikely that I’ll ever have enough cash to throw at experimenting with them all so I’ll just have to make do with wondering, unless I ever win the lottery :laughing:

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Here are my proposed settings for R3E with a SC2PRO. I am happy with them and I am interested with your feedback:

@RT93pads38, can you resend your screenshoots? It is too dark and unr

Not being a fan of overdampened, details eating setups, followed Sector3 Dev recommendations for December FFB update and after some back and forth tweaking ended up with these pretty detailed and fun to drive settings, it seems quite different from everything else posted before, but all other setups left me quite underwhelmed. So try if this is your cup of tea.


Love SC2 sophistication and flexibility.


Hi, your TD and RRE ingame setting is great. But, is there a way to increase the road surface feel?

Nice setting Andrew, i am on SC2 pro and tried your setting…however, on the straight, the road surface feel is weak. Is this due to RRE ?

Try latest GT3 cars, I believe they have updated physics.
You can also start with R3E default settings for SC2 Pro as a starting point, I switched to them now and they are quite good. (seem to be pretty close to what I’ve posted).
Make sure to set all assistance to “As real as it gets” in Game settings, clutches impact FFB negatively.
Most road surface effect seems to be coming from combination of understeer settings and slip, so straights can be quite flat.
In general I am quite impressed comparing to what a train wreck this title was last year when I tried it.

Here is some additional information posted by Alex Hodgkinson regarding the Direct Input effects and how R3E implements them:

"They’re solely used for effects. It doesn’t mean that things like flat spots and curbs can’t be felt with those effects off, but they boost what is felt. Generally speaking, the more capable your wheel is the less effect you have to run.

The wave types are below. When the effect is triggered, a signal of that shape is sent to the wheel:

Sawtooth are used for curbs, as you can see the profile matches fairly well. Direction of travel is towards the camera:

We also use a square wave to produce the flatspot pulse.

There are no other uses for wave signals at the moment."



Vertical load at 100% is good

Thanks Andrew and Paul, this forum is really good to gain technical knowledge :slight_smile:

Hi guys, i have some time over the holidays and i’m up to give R3E another chance.
What do i have to do to start from the scratch, should i still use the rcs file from the beginning of the thread or does R3E now works without it?

@Andrew, what does “clutches impact FFB negatively” mean ?

Use default R3E SC2 Pro profile.as a starting point.
It"s good enough.

Things like countersteer auto correction,.

Cool i need to give it a go tonight

I could edit the original post now since there are defaults provided by the game, I can’t delete the attchments though

Do you want us to remove them?

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Please do, I will edit the OP later tonight

Lets continue in a new thread!