Raceroom and Simucube 2 - original thread

there is no help from Raceroom, the guys who are now having a problem,
they leave them in the cold, and most of them have Old Mmos 2014 or the first simucube

Okay guys, is there someone here or from Granite Devices who will give me a simple answer to the following question: ARGON -LENZE / MMos 2014 what is the Encoder CPR value in MMos 2014, thanks in advance

I’m finding that the friction filter is better than damping when it comes to settling down the oscillations. I didn’t think that was how it’s supposed to work?

Still feels terrible though :laughing:

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no difference in swapping ffb gain at 100 and steer force lower?
anyway, all our best efforts are pointless mate…


Good idea mate. I will try swapping those forces to see if it makes any difference.

You are right though, it’s all pretty pointless and I’m not sure why I’m wasting time in trying to fine tune something that feels fundamentally wrong in the first place.

I always enjoyed Raceroom back when I had my G29 but since owning a DD, it feels like driving on a sheet of glass, even before this update made it feel nearly as bad as PC2 :face_vomiting:

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Hi All,
Attached as txt files are an export of all my profiles, including RRE.
I’m really happy with RRE and I do a lot of testing by driving same car, same track across RRE, iRacing and Rf2. I’m mainly driving Touring and GT classes. I can jump between sims and be nearly same time, so I believe that is due to knowing track very well but also having a somewhat similar ffb experience.

If anyone wants the other settings from sims in this profile, let me know via message.
Here are the RRE settings and True Drive as images.



Here are the RRE settings and True Drive as files.
RRESimucube 2 Pro.rcs.txt (34.6 KB)
SC2Pro_simucubeprofiles.txt (5.5 KB)


You don’t use sin wave. :thinking: :thinking:

No but I’m willing to test it. What value would you suggest?

@John_Something hi, have you got some settings for acc too? that would be great

i just cranked sine wave to 200 and it made wheel feel more dead and introduced some very fast, small ocsillation. so not sure what it should be simulating.

Can you also tell me what your settings are with Advanced Settings thx

Sine wave at 100%
It is good

My settings

Sine wave is used for
Vertical load
Lateral load

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Thx Buddy

Nothing better than what’s in my previous attached profile. I run 60 strength in game, 100 dynamic dampening and 0 road effects.

John, I noticed that once you have the sine wave enabled in TD, that fast but small vibration is caused by the in game understeer effect.

I found that anything much over 3% will bring that unwanted vibration in and it seems to be a trade off between the two.

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Thanks very much, appreciate it !!

For test
Modify jour RCS

ffb slip freq multiplier=“1.0” // Slip effect frequency. 1.0f = 1 cycle per wheel rev

ffb slip freq multiplier=" 2 .0" // Slip effect frequency. 1.0f = 1 cycle per wheel rev