QR and antenna upgrade for early Ultimate versions?

We found out that we sadly have received a Simucube 2 Ultimate from an early batch. We would not have bought it for the regular price when we had known that it is from the early batch with out the later improvements. Our PSU was faulty, the saftey pin missing, an old original QR included (so far no reaction on our request to have it changed), and there is no antenna terminal, or antenna included.

What is the policy for customers receiving Ultimates from the early batches without the improvements without their knowledge and regular pricing? Is there a way to upgrade the antenna for those early batches?

Did you fill in the form to request the updated QR parts? That is available here:


For the Simucube Wireless Wheel receiver, we consider units with and without the external antenna equal in function.

The receiver module on the PCB cannot be changed to one that has an antenna connection without completely disassembling the device, and even then it is a difficult thing to desolder&solder back even with professional tools - risk to damage to the Simucube interface PCB is considerable. So the antenna cannot be offered easily.

personal experience with ultimate and Ascher wireless button plate, I get 100% signal with no antenna.



So far I know it depends on how you mounted your base and what items are around it.

If you mount a big screen in between the base and wheel and many other things like buttonbox, another little screen, and so on - it could happen to get some less signal strength.

Thx for your reply and information.

Yes, we did fill in that exchange form quite some time ago.

We simply would not have ordered an Ultimate from batch one for the full price. Our dealer confirms that it was from a later batch, but obviously is one of the first batches around.

In addition it turned out to be faulty in many ways (faulty PSU with loose screws and parts moving around inside, missing saftey pin and obviously an early batch model without antenna)

Since we use it in a professional environment within a huge rig installation (big triple screen stand, massive custom mouting solution and button boxes in between base and wheel) we wanted to get the improved second batch version in order to reduce issues with various wheels and mounting situations we might run into.

Since it was supposed to be a product from the later batch our supplier (simtag who is very helpfull and has a lot of additional work with this order/sending) is now asking for replacing the whole thing all together and we do hope that simucube will confirm that, as we would not have bought this version like we received it for the full price.

Sadly quite a disapointing start with our first simucube experience.

Was reading your posts with interest but this got me confused:

For example, If you go to a car dealership and order 2019 model and instead get 2018 (never used, but, I don’t know, with older Bluetooth version). Is that an issue of the manufacturer or the dealer?

Back to your “disappointing start” with Simucube experience - is this in your opinion wrongdoing of Granite Devices or your dealer?

If I order a 2019 model car, I have to receive a 2019 model and not 2018, 2017 or 2016. No matter what’s the difference. Or, I am aware of it being an older model and I am ok with the differences AND benefit from a better price.

  • EVERY screw on the bottom of the PSU was loose and things were flying around inside.
  • The saftey pin was missing.
    (- and it turned out to be from a different batch/model as expected - with additional issues for us)

According to our dealer the product was original packed.

Hi Bernhard, So they told you it was a batch 2 unit but sent you a batch 1 unit? If this was true then surely the retailer must have known this. So in fact of this, I would seriously find it hard to be believe anything they tell you past this point. I also would find it hard to believe that Granite would send a unit out the door in the condition you have described. I surely think these issues rest with your retailer and it is then up to the retailer to resolve the issue with Granite. Either way, I hope you get it resolved and don’t regret your move from Fanatec. By the way, is Tango Racing your YouTube channel? All the best.

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Yes, TANGO RACING is my channel and I am the guy you see in there most of the time…

I don’t regret as I had considered various reasons of why to change to Simucube (published also a video about it) and those are still valid in the long run.

There seem to be minor mishaps on the way (nothing new to me and can happen with any brand or product), the dealer is very helpfull and responsive in this matter, so I do hope that I will be able to sort things out eventually.

There is obviously no way for me to tell who packed things as they were and I don’t care too much as long as I receive what I tried to order.

But anyway I don’t like the unconditional praising of one brand/product and/or the constant bashing of another, as things can and do happen everywhere. I’d rather judge a brand by the support and how whoever deals with complications. So far - I did not receive a single word from simucube despite filled in official replacement form and e-mail support inquiry - which is quite a disapointement as of now.

Accordingly to Mika
They were shipping mix of antenna and antennaless units in the second batch, so lack of antenna may not reliably indicate specific batch.


Thank you for the clarification. I think I understand now the manufacturer-dealer-customer chain of (mis)communication and your frustration.
Luckily, my experience with Augury was completely opposite: got the SC2 earlier than expected and clearly the box was opened prior to shipping to me as there was additionally ordered content in it. Also all the communication was very precise. If/when you decide to expand your business and get another simucube, maybe is worth checking them out as a possible alternative. Just my 2 cents.