Project cars trouble shooting


Yes, and I also had an issue where the PC2 Controller save-file became corrupted and negatively influenced the FFB behavior. One of the several indicators of said corruption is that various cars require bigger changes being made to the Tone setting in order to achieve balanced and consistent FFB. Some other indicators are lack of under-steer feeling, poorly timed response to wheel-input, and general inconsistency in FFB among various cars that lead to broader changes to FFB-settings and / or searching for the right combination of settings / preset.

Initially, when I switched between DD-systems (AF to OSW), I found it necessary to reduce the FX to or near zero. The very next time I played PC2, I found that the FFB settings have to be altered significantly but, I still could not achieve the same results I had enjoyed initially.

It was suggested that the solution was to delete the “defaultcontrollersettings” save-file in: Documents > Project Cars 2 > savegame > #folder > project cars 2 > profiles.

This will require assigning and calibrating all controllers but, the results were immediate and very apparent. I suspect this issue is not so widely known because it’s not as apparent when using consumer wheels as it is with the OSW but, I do see quite a few complaints by PC2-players having similar issues with FFB.


Ideally, the OSW should have it’s own base custom-FFB profile for PC2 but, someone using an OSW with a deep understanding of how the game-FFB works is needed. I’m going to take a closer look at the parameters but, it’s not looking so easy thus far. However, from testing several different versions of custom profiles, I’m confident that there is room for improvement over the Jack Spade DD profiles.


where are these ini files located :slight_smile: i would like to take a look at it :slight_smile:


If you aren’t familiar already, PC2 supports “Custom-FFB Flavors”. The Jack Spade versions are popular and he has developed a couple of general profiles for use with DD-wheels however, to my knowledge, he doesn’t have access to one so they don’t seem to work as well as they can imo.

The custom-FFB file is a text file found in: Documents \ Project Cars 2
The file name remains constant so any new version must always use that exact name; you can specify the version within the text file.

I tried another custom profile found here.
This version provides very good “under-steer” and “brake-effects” but, has some very negative characteristics as well. I suspect some combination of Jack’s DD-profile and this one might be very interesting with the OSW.

It’s suspected that frequent changes between PC2 FFB-flavors may somehow cause the FFB to behave strangely in some cases. I suggest creating a fresh Controller-profile - just in case some corruption has made it’s way into the existing one. This save-file issue is a known (but, uncommon) issue but, it’s cause is unclear regarding the exact trigger(s).

Delete the “defaultcontrollersettings” save-file in: Documents > Project Cars 2 > savegame > #folder > project cars 2 > profiles. Then you will need to re-assign controller inputs, calibrate and check the FFB parameters and game-assists to be sure they are set properly. Some parameters will return to default so checking them is absolutely needed.

If you make some progress on this, I’d be happy to test and offer feedback. :slightly_smiling_face:


sadly its not plain text do you know with what editor i can open it ?


I just use notepad to edit the custom versions - either Jack’s or Rantam’s. Otherwise, you can copy the settings and paste them into a new notepad document. You can also build new using the PC2 default file as a template.
Documents \ Project Cars 2 \ ffb_custom_settings.txt

You can make changes or delete the existing file and replace it but, the name must be the same in order for PC2 to use when FFB-flavor is set to “Custom”. If you just delete the current one, the game will make a new one to replace the default version.

I created a first pass of my own OSW version for testing a bit later. I started with the default version and made a few changes based on Rantam’s to see what affect it has.


Interested in hearing your outcomes? Any News


didn’t have the time yet to make one for this game. busy on other games atm


I’m making some progress but, it’s hard to tell with some parameters while others respond to very small changes.

The first thing I did was to remove the dampening effects and tighten the center feel. The sense of grip-loss is better and the detail is maintained during hard cornering - which in turn, improves under-steer effects. Once I have a few different versions fine tuned, I’ll share them to get feedback. I’m sure they will need further refinement but, I’m still learning the SMS system. :slightly_smiling_face:

The other issue with PC2 is that there is no “per-car” FFB as was the case with PC1. For that reason, the FFB profile needs to be tested across much more content and normalized to some degree. I like what I’ve achieved so far and I’m confident it will benefit OSW-users in the end but, it may be the case that certain custom profile’s will work better with certain cars while others may need a different custom profile or use the Raw flavor as an alternate.


I would love to help you test your modified custom files across different cars. :wink:


Okay, when I have something I feel is worthy, I’ll share it here.


Jack Spade released new FFB custom files (Version 2). From my testing, the DD versions seem to work quite well and possibly rendered my efforts pointless. I think they are certainly worth a try and he seems to have traveled further down the FFB rabbit hole than with prior efforts.

I count six DD-versions and I like the results of most. There may be a few minor tweaks to try but, I feel like these are well suited to the OSW overall.

Be sure to exit and restart the game when loading new custom FFB versions.


Thank you for the heads up, Dean. Looking forward to trying out the settings.


I tried a few flavors last night of that new version. The wheel auto-centering forces are still much too high, much higher than RL for road cars. I still went back to using a Low Comp file and setting overall force a bit lower. I just seems that the only way to get it to feel correct is to try and mimic a mass market wheel.


Do you mean that the self-aligning torque is too high? I ran about 30-35% (100% in SimuCube) in volume and that worked fine for most but, the Alt-versions have higher bump forces so I would think that lowering the volume even more might work pretty well although, at very low FX level.

I don’t drive the road cars much in PC2 as I prefer AC for that. I think the best one of the JSv2 files is the stan lo comp DD version for my use. I still need to go back and compare my own custom versions with these to see how they compare but, I’m not sure what the best way is to reduce SAT within the file. Some comparison between mine and Jack’s files might shed some light on what I could change.


ffb_custom_settings - tire lo comp DD SopDiff
I tried this one with new ver 2.0 of Jacks ffb files last night feels very good more tyre feel which i thought it was lacking a bit before.
used a LMP900 in P Cars 2 to test and Calaway GT3 in RF2
I have just gone this week from 5yr old i5 16gb 1333mhz ram with 1070gtx to i7 8700k 4.8ghz 32GB 3000mhz DDR4 keeping the 1070 so hard to tell maxed most settings from low/med on triples now @ 5760x1200
It has totally transformed all my Sims I have tried so far massive change in smoothness
FFB feels unbelievably good in RF2 and P Cars 2 allot better more connected
quite shocked at the change was getting quite allot of stutters slowdowns even effecting the FFB on glitches but butter smooth now very happy :slight_smile:


I had ffb_custom_settings - tire lo comp DD SopDiff agree its the best ive found for PC2 :grinning:


I think the “tire” versions of the JSv2-files are very interesting although, the dampening effect seems quite strong with some cars so I’m not sure they are as versatile.


I have also been using this file and agree…Really improved the game for me.


I have been playing Project cars since it came out along with a friend of mine and we are both using Jack’s stan lo comp DD file with these settings in simucube if you would to try some new settings take a look at this…