Project cars trouble shooting


It’s always amazing how different hardware can bring about different experiences. If I had to take a wild guess at a number, i’ve easily had over two dozen Bugsplats using the prior beta fw’s. With MMos, I’ve only had ONE bugsplat. Here’s hoping this latest beta is on the right track :slight_smile:


I was already on SimuCUBE before pcars2 was released, never used it with Mmos and so unable to compare. I just assumed the BugSplats were general pcars2 issues, not related to the wheel. I too mostly use online.


yeah I think there have been lots of bugsplats even if you used a guitarhero controller :wink:


now that is a challenge:D


C2D’s still exist on 0.83 for me in PCars 2.

I don’t feel adventurous enough to disassemble the rig to mount the old fanatec CSW V2.5 on to compare mind you, already have another re-build to schedule in for the Simtronix Encoder, and a 200m steering wheel extension next week, so can only have so much downtime :wink:


I get it once in a while sat in pits or in menus never when driving and no issues in any other sim
not tried AC and iRacing account not active at moment.
If all other Sims are fine could it be P Cars 2 bugs ? I have about 70 odd hrs in it now quite a bit online but on my own Dedi server as it is a mare to setup.
If you want to try it it is “VRC Fun Server” PW is “tintop” game controls settings fixed to GTE LMP GT3
Server program is still buggy so may see all classes but should only be able select GTE LMP GT3 and LMP900
since the patch the sim for me is awesome never run the ring so smooth.
I tend to leave sims for a while if they dont run right cant leave PC2 alone love it :sunglasses:
I do hope S397 can deliver this kind of experience when new UI drops and they ditch DX9 support.
Sure that having to be compatible with both is one reason.
Rain in PC2 it awesome no frame rate hit still super smooth on a 1070GTX did not expect that :grinning:
I league race in RF2 and we have no plans to swap as seem by far the best for leagues for us.
Once the dedi program it sorted will do some fun races as 7ish of us got it now on our forums :slight_smile:
We have some very fast guys who are quite critical on sim’s and know how to set cars up they like it too
off to try new firmware :grinning:


I spend most of my time in iRacing, and that’s rock stable for me, ran the petit lemans 2 weeks ago on the 0.7 build no issues, and IMSA has been the same,

I’m part of RevolutionSimRacing and we have a league series starting later in month on PCars2 in the Porsche GT4, so I’ve been trying to set some time trial times for out seeding process, it’s here when as you say you are at a menu/in pits/starting or restarting a session where it crashes.

I ran a few races in the TC class a few weeks ago in sun and rain and it was really good fun. It’s stable once your driving.

I like to drop into PCars2 when I have a quick 30mins to kill and it’s pretty good. Negative press always echos louder but I think it’s really quite good and definatley is credible if you don’t have the funds or like the subscription/payment methods of iracing.

Both have a place on my rig :slight_smile: but running two sims is about the limit for me with limited time.


I ran multiple Time Trials (and set lots of records) with the Aston GT4 on various tracks with 0.8.3. Didn’t have one CTD during that whole process. Was very happy about that.


Has not crashed on me all day too been in menus allot too :slight_smile:


I Tried ( 0.83 FW) but the steering wheel is not recognized…


I’m assuming you re-assigned the wheel in the game configuration? Re-calibrated also?


Hi John, yes i did , also tried to reboot simucube with no luck…


if you are a pcars 1 owner, you are probably afraid of the menu center spring and you set the force in simucube all the way down to assign and calibrate the wheel. I did…

the wheel was not recognized until I used at least 30% force.


Hi guys, to fix my problem with pc2 i just check the integrity of the files, reboot , that’s it.
Thumb up for the FF


Just wanted to say, with 0.8.4, my Pcars2 experiences have been great. My only complaint is the deadening of FFB at high tq values on Recon5+, but I know that’s currently being worked on. :slight_smile:


So, after using the OSW-SimuCube FW since the Public Beta release I decided to swap steering-systems to the AccuForce to see how PC2 works with it and I was surprised with the results. Generally, the OSW systems provides superb FFB with most titles so I didn’t expect anything different in the case of PC2 when compared to the AF-FFB.

PC2 FFB with the OSW has left me a bit disappointed because I find it lacking in under-steer / Front Grip-loss feel - especially compared to AC / AMS / rF2 and I know some OSW users that feel the same way. I also don’t get any feel for the raised curbs and banked / apron transitions and thought this is very strange.

I don’t have such differences among the other titles using these two systems. I do plan on testing the SimCommander Foundation FFB via game telemetry to see if it reveals anything but, it seems PC2 FFB is actually better than I had previously thought.

The only other titles that I know of where the FFB is better with the AccuForce are RaceRoom (perhaps due to development of a AF-Specific FFB Preset) and Dirt Rally (due to game-telemetry FFB). Otherwise, SimuCube is performing very well indeed. :smiley:

Update: Upon further testing using the AccuForce, I discovered that the TONE setting for some cars needs to be much lower (0-15 range). I haven’t compared these results with the OSW-SimuCube yet but, the results with the Ferrari 488 GT3 provided much better detail during hard cornering with front grip-loss being quite obvious.

It seems that PC2 FFB has a split personality at times; it may respond to the TONE we use quite differently than expected.:grin: When I don’t get detail during hard cornering or feel under-steer and the tire-slip vibration, it means I need to reduce the Tone until I can feel it in the wheel.


We are having “random” rooms as well in PC2, mostly with online or dedicated servers. We have one room open and the track is tight, hard grip everywhere, the next is like ice (exaggeration but you get the meaning). This I think has to do with their live track software, as with the weather not everyone was seeing the same things, in the same race someone had rain the others not etc etc. We think this may be the bug in the track too, same car same track same racer, and 2 secs difference in the lap time. I think they are aware and Patch 3 I think tried to address this but not sure they nailed it.

I have tone and volume button mapped and will frequently adjust for a track or car, with the new Sincos encoder I think the compression (car going through a dip) or extension (over a rise) are incredibly detailed, on some hilly tracks I have to turn down the volume to lighten the steering to allow easier turn in at the bottom, it gets TIGHT.

Remember - feel is very person independent, with the PC2 config file and the Simucube you are going to have a million variables to try, if you cant tune the car to your liking in my humble opinion you are not trying hard enough.

check out Jack Spades tweaker files if you havn’t already, I personally use them and like them.


Updated settings post ERN 480 Upgrade.

Now have filter at 3, and no limit to TBW settings.

Had to increase power a little to 57%

Big Midge, Ioni PRo HC, ERN 480 Encoder

Very Happy,

iRacing Filter goes to off, and power set in the program to 41NM

Fast and Happy


I was having terrible FFB with PCars2 until I learned that setting FX at zero provides the proper steering-system effects without overwhelming the under-steer / over-steer feel on the OSW. I was chasing my own tail by trying all sorts of FFB-setting combinations but, now Tone of 50 / FX of zero (or very low) gives me very good and consistent feedback among various cars in regard to under-steer / over-steer.

The PC2-FFB FX setting serves as a force multiplier for road bumps - especially those used to enhanced tracks that don’t include them in the surface model. The FX can be totally overblown when using a powerful and dynamic wheel such as the OSW so they should be applied very sparingly from my testing (5-15% is usually plenty).


That’s about what I’ve found also. I’ve been using the Jack Spade Standard Low (non-DD) file, but with FX at either 0 or 5%. I’ve also found that tone between 40 to 45% feels better to me. The main issue I have with OSW - rather the problem is with most games - is that the auto-centering force is far greater than what you’d experience IRL. I’m guessing this is due to games having to cater to lower force capable wheels overall. Knocking tone down a hair seems to help a good deal with that centering force.