Project cars trouble shooting


Hi my RF2 setting and Controller file are here :slight_smile:

Ac not played too much but will try it again and post setting i find :slight_smile:
Will post RRE setting when home but using same Simucuba settings as RF2


Hi Small midge for me but Volume is never more than 40 normally 36 to 38 when i look back at it.
FFB gets very strong on just few clicks on my mapped knob to volume :slight_smile:
it felt good using Raw for Flavour too. Still messing with it but feels good I generally test the C7r and GT3 class cars at moment :slight_smile:
Adding FX will will give you more feel had hardly any on FX of 30. Tone seems to tighten feel up a bit too :slight_smile:


Just put Recon to 4 feels allot better thanks lost bumpy feeling on straights :slight_smile:


I had been using Recon 4 as well. It had a great feel.

Unfortunately, the USB HID faults due to the Beta FW cause Pcars 2 to crash incessantly for me. I went back to MMos for now. :confused:


Interesting, some AccuForce users are having problems with PC2 crashing constantly too but, some have found that certain USB-PCIe cards with the right chip solve the issues.


Guess Im lucky running an ASUS ROG board, out of USB 3.0 to two 10 USB 3.0 hubs, occasional bugs plat, but otherwise pretty solid.


I only get it crash sometimes if in menu configuring buttons or similar bar that it is great :slight_smile:


I know I could probably swap USB ports around and sort it a bit better, but I just want to race! :wink:


Jut tried my settings on the Karts in PC2… uuhh No!.. This will require a completely different set up, I think each car category or even car may require a little tinkering beyond the volume and tone in simucube, So far I have 3 cars set up the way “I like” but its great that I can save each profile for each car. Now I just have to remember to pick the right profile for each race, in simucube and simtools and z1 and … sheesh.


after some more experience with this game. try this
Turn the ForceFeedBack FX Slider all the way off for the best FFB
gain 50
volume 100
FX 0
Tone 50

Gain adjust too your own likings for strength. or just try your own settings with FX off.

the only thing fx does is add or boost fake effects. with it off you feel the true ffb of the game


Using jacks standard ffb DD file and your in game settings with no FX feels allot better to me :slight_smile:
like the feel allot better :slight_smile:


On laserscanned tracks I agree. But non-laserscanned tracks are extremly boring without a bit of FX. So I leave it at 10 most the time.

btw. gain should always be 100 and volume should be adjusted instead. you are clipping the dynamic of the FFB otherwise… they say.


cool thanks for the info :slight_smile: good to understand the game better. but who said that :smiley:


Feels so much better with those settings added 10 to the FX too
Bently LMP was a blast to drive round Zolder :slight_smile:
Thanks for posting settings
Passed it on to my Forum for the guys to try 6 of us have it now


Hi found handy voice control app now I can adjust the Volume and Tone by voice commands while on track and allot more of the in game controls
Can now save my buttons and knobs on wheel for other things :slight_smile:


By far best settings whit FX 10.


Anyone try 0.8.3 with Pcars 2 yet? Particularly those with Crash to Desktop issues. I’ll be testing it this evening.


Not yet, but will try later this evening. I’ve had crashes in pcars2, but I’ve had so many issues with this game I wouldn’t say they were caused by SimuCUBE.


Okay, understood. My CTDs were definitely previous beta fw related. Each time, after switching back to MMos, the CTDs ceased.

But yes, I grant you there are plenty of other bugs in the game, but it’s still damn fun :wink:


Interesting I had BugSplats the first couple of days, then the multiplayer patch seems to have fixed it, bear in mind I rarely do in game racing almost exclusively online. Since then , been really stable, cant vouch for in game racing however.