Project cars trouble shooting


I tried the Alt, but it seemed to really like to oscillate at center. I’ve been using either Raw or the Standard Low from jack spade.

EDIT: FYI, new version of Jack Spade files out today, with 2 DD specific files.


Thanks will check em out


Fired up Pcars2 for the first time tonight. Others experiences above meant I was able to get it all working without any issues. Thanks.

However, despite trying some of the SimuCUBE settings suggested above I’m getting awful oscillation from the wheel. Makes the cars undriveable. Is there something obvious I am doing wrong?

[Simucube|Small MiGE|10,000ppr|IONI Pro HC|Mean Well 480/720W]


My current Settings, GT3 488 Ferrari
Jack Spade alt low comp DD file.
Large Mige, Simucube, Fanatec formula wheel, sli-Max. ioni Pro Meanwell 720



Thanks @Drizute. Tried your settings but still wild oscillations. I have similar gear to many others who are not having this problem, so that must be something obvious I am missing.


try diffrent tbw settings independently higher recon filters. you should find a balance


My settings both my Simucube settings feel good


I also had wild oscillations, at first. in my case it was i accidently hadA usb extension cord that was plugged into usb 3.0 port. When i plugged it into a USB 2.0 it got better but still had some, then removed the extension cord and it all went away.

Make sure to plug it into a INTEL usb 2.0 port on your motherboard!


Many thanks for that. Unfortunately, that didn’t work either. My SimuCUBE was already plugged directly into a 2.0 usb on my Intel motherboard. I swapped it to another plug, just in case, but no different.

I re-calibrated the wheel in case I had done it wrong, but no different.

I just don’t get it. Can other’s actually take their hands off the wheel without is oscillating like crazy? Try Toyota TS040 on the Mulsanne Straight. My arms are vibrating like crazy and if I take my hands off the wheel it goes completely bonkers.


Maybe this explains it to a certain degree from BJohn

“Yes it appears that something may have been going on from the beginning with the Amplitude scaling (Mika is looking into both the Double Scaling and I assume the amplitude scaling)… as it appears from my testing that the 100% scale (for the amplitude) was not quite outputting at 100% or was filtering the signal a second time creating a more subdued feel… What we are getting Feel wise with the 080 at 100% is the true power of the system… so… We may all be altering settings again as all of this gets corrected… If we figure out exactly what it was doing and is controllable we could always possibly have another filtering option (who Knows at this point)… These issues with the power scaling in the 07x releases and prior May have been the cause of a Major Oscillation issue that I ran across but we will see when everything gets straightened out.”


I may get a tiny bit of Oscillation in PC2 but, it’s not enough to be an issue for me. I’ve not had any in other titles since switching over to SimuCube FW. I even tested the worst offenders in AC with Gyro disabled and don’t have issues.

I do have a very small amount of dampening applied in Granity though.


I haven’t found any other bug in the power scaling, other than that there was a double scaling in effect in the unreleased 0.8.0 version.

And, I haven’t heard of any other “issue” in 0.7.x with regards to the power scaling. IRacing started to do also damping effect, and that causes 0.7.x and earlier to put damping effect to 0 on IONI. This can’t be seen using Granity, is happening behind the scenes as well. That could cause some funny issues. This has been corrected for future release.


I don’t think the oscillation problem in Projects Cars 2 is caused by SimuCUBE. I think is is a Project Cars 2 problem. It appears other wheels have experienced the same. And the Jack Spade custom files are known to cause oscillations.

Meanwhile, SimuCUBE works brilliantly for me in Assetto Corsa and has from the outset, thanks.


It all runs well here


Thanks. Having read what @Mika and @Joe and @bsohn were saying about access to changing certain settings in Granity, I decided to revert back to the original drc. prepared by Tomo (simracingbay) when I bought my OSW last year. And Project Cars 2 feels a whole lot better. Much tweaking to do, but at leat now I have a base. From now on I plan to only change things in Granity that can be achieved via SimuCUBE.


You probably had a a setting a little goofy.
I think Tomo did not put any filtering in his builds a while back.

Everyone should keep a basically clean drc that they know works and feels good as backup before messing with any firmware updates.


The other issue I was having with Oscillation is based in hardware settings BUT the new scaling system could fix that and I will test it out, as well the fix with the iRacing Dampening override might fix it as well, We will see… It was actually in iRacing that this was experienced… I don’t have Project Cars Sooooo Can’t comment on that.


Having a blast with P cars 2 it feels very Good using jack’s DD file the Standard one not his alternative .
Feels best for me using my 2nd SimuCube settings above can’t stop playing it :slight_smile:
FFB wise feels like a cross between iRacing and RF2 :sunglasses:


Fantastic settings Simon, please share your settings for AC RRE and RF2.
Thank you in advance



Your settings on my big midge are really light, can almost feel nothing, I Have to crank the volume and go to Recon 4 to get a decent feeling, you may be right however on the dampening and friction, I think it feels better.