Project cars trouble shooting


Its been working for a while now. All i did was that i deleted the pc2 folder in my documents and did the whole setup again and it has been working since. awesome stuff.


That’s great :sunglasses:
Happy you got it sorted :slight_smile:


After some hour of work I’ve found the right ffb for me.
I’ve used the CSW (the old CSW) profile in the game with “informative” FFB option.
Parameters are: gain 60-80% (depends on the car) volume 80%, tone 60%, effects 20%, spring 0,43, rest default.
In the configuration tool all default but 900°, strength 80, filter 3, tbw 2200 hz.
At the moment i did not register any problem with bumpstop and a good FFB for me
I hope it can be useful


One can only guess what the effects in pCars mean - any real simulators should not have spring effect, for example. And such spring effect is currently ignored (not implemented) in SimuCUBE firmware. Same goes to “effects”, everything should be calculated via steering column torque, and it is to me unsure what the effects in pCars mean.


The spring effect is only for in the menus. Ie to select tabs etc with the wheel instead of cursors.

The raw flavour is supposed to be the forces st the rack the other setting are then added to the raw signal to exaggerate different effects. But setting them to 50 is off as far as I can tell except the fx where 0 is off.

There also have a dampen setting on the configuration tab. Setting dampening to zero make the wheel feel as if it been held between a vice , it didnt take much effort to turn but maded the worst noise I heard coming from my wheel. Dampening at 13 eliminated the noise.

I’m thinking it could if been a bug where it put 100% dampening on instead of none.

I remember once adjusting the volume which add weight to the wheel from 55 to 60 and the dampening kicked on and wouldn’t go away till I rebooted PC2


Hi the effects or FX slider controls the surface detail curb and bump feel best left at 50 or lower for direct drive i think.
more for less powerful wheels were detail lacking i think
C7r feel v close to the URD rf2 car i am racing in a League at moment :slight_smile:
the sim is growing on me more each day think once you find a good feel it can be amazing.
there is auto tune too which adjust levels so no clipping comes from game this happens over a few laps too and is constantly there :slight_smile:


The SMS approach to FFB tuning in PC2 is simplified from PC1 using Audio terminology. It kind of makes sense considering how their previous (complicated) FFB-tuning system worked in PC1 but, is certainly different compared to other titles.

IIRC, the “Tone” slider acts as a sort of balance between grip-loss feel and road bump feel; 50% should be about 50/50. Volume is the FFB strength and Gain should be kept at 100%. FX controls the level of bump detail but, varies depending on the “Flavor” being used.

It’s also possible to set “Custom” presets or use popular custom versions created by other players - such as Jack Spade.


I tried dampening 0 and all ok now so must have been a clitch or something.

FFb is quite good but no matter what I change I can t get rid of that cardboard feel to the steering.

tried all combinations of recon filter and low and high TBW and even a bit of inertia.
Running raw 100 50 50 20 but to no avail


This game has strange ffb. I have trying two days now to make this game enjoyable, but no.
There is no real feeling in corners, no force etc.

Then i went back to iracing and figured out one heck of great setup! No going back to pcars 2.
Im waiting now if somebody finds good setup for pcars.
Hopefully someday…

SimuCUBE Open Source Firmware Development Update Thread

There seems to be some internal min dampening on which you cant turn off. Maybe something in the customer control settings will have a look when Ive got time.

After watch gamermuscles comparison with ac using the xbow at brands Id thought id compare them myself.

Results pc2 1 33.5 Ac 1.35.4 the pc2 one definitely has way more grip and on most corners you can floor the gas and it will stick.


Same for me, it is frustrating. Coming from AC and hoping that pc2 will give us better FFB than pc1, but what a disappointment. That’s just ridiculous how it feels. Hopefully there is some “dude” who will sort it out eventually some day


The ffb is good/fun/easy at the moment but give WMD time and I’m sure it will improve .

Ill have another go in AC and try and improve my time and see if I can get anyway near my PC2 time of 1.30.9.


i made a small video tutorial on how to set up a Simucube for PC2


Thank you for sharing the video, btw interesting to see that pc2 is pretty asynchronous OSW <-> ingame wheel (see also my comment SimuCUBE Open Source Firmware Development Update Thread)


Thanks I had one thing set wrong in mine tried RAW just now too feels very nice :slight_smile:
My speed sense steering was not at 0 thought it felt odd in some cars :slight_smile:


Nice video.
You didnt show your simucube settings in the video otherwise. Im curious about that side too.

Also i guess you dont use Jack Spede ffb files?


I was playing with settings last night and found a sweet spot (for me) didn’t have time to screen capture all the settings but will post later this evening when I get home (US EST). For the first time (Road America) downhill turn 3 I felt the car go light, front end perception is a lot better and times improved perceptibly. I do remember zeroing friction inertia and damping in Simucube, filter 4, 58% strength, 470Hz and center filter off. IN game settings will have to wait, but boy what a difference.


Great, i’m interested in trying these when you get the game settings as well :slight_smile:


strange. with jack spade files the ffb is way better than anything AC ever did for me… WAY better.

imo AC‘s FFB feels totally generic, PC2 is more on the iRacing side of things.


I am using spades file alt low comp