Project cars trouble shooting


i used @SKeijmel video to setup my OSW originally very helpful much appreciated but its not working now


oh and its only a project cars thing all the other sims are just fine


I had an issue with a corrupt controller file that caused very inconsistent results but, I’ve only seen it happen for me and one or two other people so it’s not very common but, possible.


ok tried deleting the 1 file default controller settings didnt do it in the end there is 3 files in there i deleted all tried again and this time round success its back lol pcars 2 is a Pain in the ass but its working again. thanks for suggestions guys tomorrow i will retune all the FFB settings .


Good to hear that you have it back. Regarding the specific setup of the FFB, I have posted my settings above in an earlier post, that give me the feel of grip, bumps and weight of the car. You may want to try it.


Could you upload custom fule with the changes that you use in order to try it? I have made some changes and i want to be sure that i have the same feel atleast to test.


It may not be today but I will do it. Busy day today with honey do stuff and If youre married you know what I mean. I know you are an AC fan and I can say you will never get Pcars to feel like AC. I personally think PCARS is much more detailed but its a different feel. What cars have you tried?


I know what you mean… Laferrari and things didn’t look promising haha.


9.10 No issues all good, Indycar is now a beast and I feel my biceps growing with every lap… and on a big mige thats only 55% too… Thanks Mika for the software and the great physique …


I havnt tried Indy yet on pcars 2 must give it a try. I did invest in a p1 rig and added a few extras so I can finally crank up the force


New Text Document.txt (5.5 KB)

That should be the file for the pcars custom ffb. Nothing special really. You can play with the fx dampening too. I was experimenting with this a while back but haven’t tried it since getting the osw. The Laferrari isn’t one of the best examples depending on which tire you tried. Some of the tire models need a little work yet but some are really good especially in the rain. If you are running the osw at 100% i just use gain to adjust weigh and overall volume im usually around 31 for gain 28 for volume 50 for tone I don’t ever touch this some cars just have poor feel its just the way they were designed and fx about 25. Hope that helps.

One other tip. Do not use stability control it doesn’t work right and you will get really weird results so make sure this is turned off. If you use authentic assists it will default on if the car has it. Its better to use the other option or assists if you want to use abs/tcs and just turn off stability control for good.


Thank you for uploading your file and thank you for sharing your settings. Although we can’t use the same because we have another servo , i bet ppl with small mige will benefit. To be honest driving around was possible with all ffb presets and with almost all custom ones, but tyre slip- feel is just not there. At least for me but i tend to believe that you can not fix something with settings that isn’t there to begin with.



is not a question of FFB only.


Don’t you have a large mige? That’s what I have. If your looking for the way some other sims do it no it wont be there. I actually like the less exaggerated feel myself but that’s just my opinion. I know a lot of others don’t and prefer the way other sims do it. You might try experimenting with the scrub setting. Ive never tried it so i cant offer much help there.


Is it normal to have to set the recon filter to 8 to get the ffb to feel smooth?


Personally I use Jack Spaded low comp DD, recon filter 2, unlimited freq and .2% on damper. feels great ( to me)


Thanks will give it a go. What tone/fx settings you using in game?


I vary both dependent on the car, single seater lower strength for example, I dial up and down on a rotary switch till i get it like I want it.


Having spent over 200 hrs on this game mainly playing with settings I figured I would share my view on FFB. As we all know, FFB is subjective so give these a try you can always switch back. I have tried Jack’s settings and went through all the flavors(Immersive, raw, informative). Personally, immersive gives me the best feelings/details and I have tweaked my simucube to fit the picture. If you haven’t already, definitely make shortcuts to volume/tone on your button box or keyboard so you can easily adjust on-the-fly.

Take a look at the pics and excel for each car. Happy racing!!

Ingame FFB Immersive/Gain 100/FX 45:
Simucube Big mige/10k encoder - 6.37amps, Recon 1, no filters, Indirect effects all 100. Please ignore the bumpstop range.


hello now that my rF2 season is over i finally had an itch to try it.
Last time i drove Pcars 2 and it was a long time ago the FFB in the indycar was utterly crap and vague for me.
Not sure if the team here have made changes or Mad Studios has improved it but it is a lot better now.
I tried brands hatch tonight and while it wasnt at iracing indycar level and for me for indycars iracing is the benchmark for feel in that car but PCARS 2 felt pretty damn good a lot better than last time i tried it.
I think im gonna have to give it a bash again and see if i can put some time in.