Project cars trouble shooting


What motor do you have?, try my settings above using immersive ffb setting, Renault f1 gain 100, volume 44, tone 60, fx 45. Simucube at 6.3 amps and recon filter at 1. When starting from scratch turn the volume up first until the weight/force feels good; then slowly increase the tone from 20 going up until you start to get the feedback of the front wheels (the more tone the more front wheel ffb)…right when you start to feel front wheels go 5 increments more that’s usually the sweet spot where you will feel a balanced axial rotation of the car. This changes with tire temp, so you may need to adjust after the first 2 laps. Map the volume and tone keys to your button box so you can adjust on the fly. Let me know what you think?


im running the 20nm Mige from SRB ive been dealing with xmas and a new pc build so havnt had chance to try yet.
In the process now of reinstalling everything and setting up the wheel on my favourite sims