Project Cars MMOS settings

So I’ve spent a week now with PCars2 and my OSW and here is what I’ve experienced.

It’s worth saying first that Ive not touched MMOS or Granite after the initial config was done. No effects, filtering or otherwise is being done in windows. All I done was set the wheel rotation.

I started out with pretty much the same settings I used for my belt drive wheel but much lower Volume. Ramped it up to a comfy level of force and drove. The bumps/kerbs were waaaay too strong at first. Jarringly so. This came down to the FX slider and I settled on 10% for that which was much much better.

Once I got the effects reigned in I tried every default FFB flavour and all Jack Spades files too. It came down to the Jack Spades tyres files and RAW. After more play I settled on RAW.

I should say at this point that I played AMS with the OSW on my first night to compare with my initial PCars 2 experience and it did indeed feel great out the box. I used what I learned there to help find the sweet spot in pCars 2, which I have done and TBH PCars2 FFB for me is now comparable to AMS. In fact it’s better in some ways (though I admittedly have limited time on AMS and more might make me appreciate it more). But if I jump between AMS and PCars 2 now I am in no way disappointed with PCars2 FFB.

My FFB settings are as follows.

In Windows

FFB power - 75%
Rotation 900
Nothing else changed. MMOS filter at zero.

In Game

Flavour - RAW
Gain - 100
Volume - 30-60 car dependant
Tone - 50-70 car dependant

I didn’t actually like Raw at first. It didn’t give that immediate gratification I was used to but I quickly learned to appreciate how detailed it was and that I was in damn good control of my car using it.

In a nutshell I’m very happy with the FFB on my OSW in PCars 2. The main downside is that I don’t think bumps and kerbs are translated as well as they could. There seems to be either too little of it or too much and my conclusion is the way they are applied in PCars2 is t the most refined and this is exposed by a dd wheel.

I found all the Jack Spades files uncomfortable to use apart from the Tyres ones due to too much effects and none of them felt as good or gave me as good a car control as Raw.

Finally, my race results are also reflecting how well the wheel is working in PCars2. Had 3 full length races so far (2hrs of Spa in GT3, 1hr Bathhurst I’m Touring Cars and 50 laps of Silverstone International in Touring Cars) and got 2nd, 1st, 1st respectively. A very happy chappie :slight_smile:


Oh and I’ve had zero oscillation on any of the FFB settings I tried. I set the DRR to zero in Jack Spades files which disables it (and in turn doesn’t use the Deadzone Removal Falloff figure which only comes into play if the DRR is above zero).

When you say MMOS, do you mean SimuCUBE?

No, MMOS. I dont have simucube. I installed the simucube usb drivers and only config done was in MMOS and Granity.

So I started playing with the filter setting in MMOS last night and it’s helped a lot! Being new to all this DD stuff I never appreciated how harshly the forces were feeding in but that sense of feeling each individual thing like a hot needle in the FFB is now gone and I realise it was the cause of me thinking the effects on bumps and kerbs were just way too strong.

I’m now in the process of trying out all the flavours and jack spades stuff again to see how they are with the MMOS filter on.

I settled on a filter setting of 10 which is where I feel the sense of feeling a digital signal becomes an analogue one. It made AMS and PCars2 much much nicer to drive.

Also I am testing out another FFB modders work and he’s just released it on Race Department if you are interested. This guy released custom FFB tweaker files for PCars 1 in late 2017 and it utterly transformed the FFB in that game from poor-good to good-very good, but his work never got the credit it deserved.

He’s got some work still to do on his PCars 2 stuff but if it’s half as good as what he done for PCars 1, it’ll be worth it.

I’ll let you know how I get on with my further testing.

As this is a thread for the SimuCUBE beta firmware which replaces Mmos, and Granite Devices do not support Mmos, I doubt you will get much feedback here.

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Ah sorry - very new to this. So do you find the Simucube beta better than MMOS?

I’ll share my current findings as they might help regardless as it’s mainly about the in-game settings.All my testing was done with the RSR GTE Porsche on Oulton Park International.

I’ll firstly say, so you know, that MMOS filter is set to 10. Wheel power is at 75%

I was testing out all the Jack Spades and also the other custom file from JCSpadon on Race Department. I boiled down my 3 favourites to The Jack Spades low comp Tyres Sop, JCSpadon one and RAW. While doing the final comparison I switched from RAW to JC Spadon custom but I’d named the file wrong and ended up (unknowningly) on the default custom file the game creates and I picked it as my clear favourite. Realised afterwards a few races what I’d done.

So for me, the default custom settings (with just deadzone set for my wheel) is the best FFB I’ve tried in the game.

My FFB slider settings are:

Gain - 100
Volume - 30-60
Tone - 50-70
FX - 25

Hope that helps.

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