Project Cars 2 and Simucube 2


Do tou know for sure that the customs file is used both when raw and custom ffb flavor is selected?
I haven’t played much with Pc2 after I got my sc2, but I quickly put the Christiaan’s Pure FFB file into the game and tested briefly one night we raced in it. Wasn’t to impressed so I think I need to play around with it a tad.


If you are using a custom file like the one from Christiaan then I would just select custom from the in game menu, rather than raw.

Back when I was using my G29, I tried the Christiaan file and didn’t think it felt very good either.

I much preferred the files from Hugo Vai

but have yet to try it now I’ve moved to the SC2 as I’m sort of happy with my own settings that I posted earlier in the thread.


Hello at all. I tried for six hours yesterday. I tried everything. Unfortunately I didn’t get a good result. It didn’t feel good. And there were always slight noises from the engine. Please can someone be so kind and send again values. InGame and driver. Please also car and track. I think the quality is very different. Best Open Wheeler. I think it all feels so choppy

1000 Thanks

Edit: I found a little mistake with myself. I had the main strength in the game to 100%


I don’t think getting PC2 to feel as good as the other games will really be possible, no matter how much we tinker with the settings.

Of course, that doesn’t mean the settings we currently have cannot be improved upon by the more experienced users but this game just seems to have a limit when it comes to FFB.

I thought the settings I had were pretty good after a couple of hours of tinkering but every time I swap to games like AC and rF2 I realise how fundamentally flawed the FFB signal from PC2 is.

Project Cars 2 settings

you might be right. I also notice clearly that Fuji and Oulten Park are okay. Other tracks and also cars all seem very different in quality.
That’s too bad. Especially the tracks that don’t exist elsewhere would appeal to me.


Yes, Oulton Park is one of maybe 4 tracks that are laser scanned, maybe Fuji aswell… rest of the tracks are pretty much from Google maps…


Hi There, I’ve tried to follow the steps on this video:

I got the FFB on my Ultimates to actually feel really good with those settings but for some reason a couple of days ago I went into the game again and the force went haywire on me to a point I had to press the emergency button. Since it was working quite well I wonder if there is a issue with the Simcube software that needs a firmaware update. Any feedback from the developers would be great. Maybe the settings in the Simucube 2 needs a tweak? I am a bit lost now.


Have you been switching between the ffb profiles? Like raw then immersive and back to something else? I don’t know if it ever got fixed but it was real common when doing that to have the ffb go all flaky.


What I noticed is I followed the instruction and got it into “Custom”. Then all worked fine. Next time I restarted the computer and the game that is when it went all flacky. So something with the restart. I will try replacing the custom ffb file again to see what happens but I am loosing hope. Asseto and iRacing is all good.


Im not having any issues so my guess is its something with the ffb files.


I tried to configure mine today for the first time in PC2 and the wheel started turning like crazy by itself several times between attempts. Eventually i managed to get the axes on and calibrate it but it was messy. True drive 1.0.8