Problems with my computer crashing in both iRacing and Asetto - can you help!

I am new here and I hope some one can help :slight_smile:

About three weeks ago my computer crashed when driving in iracing. I had been driving for a while, but no longer than usual.

Started up again and after a while it happened again. Tried Asetto and it happened there too.

Did fault searches - nothing to be found. Sent the computer to a repair shop - nothing to be found.

My computer has the latest and has the best of what is offered and it is about a year old. The problem is not related to underperformance of any kind.

Tomo from SimRacingBay sent me a new electronics box and sin cos encoder - crashed after 30 meters.

Now I am lost and wonder what to do.

My setting is the same as Skeimel is using in his latest youtube video - I drove with this setting for a long time and it worked perfect.

To describe what happens: I get either a pixeled screen that freezes- see attached photo ( this is after it crashes and when it automatically has gone back to this screen from driving in iracing) - and the steering wheel goes wild - really wild. Or - two screens goes black and one green and I get a loud noise like as if a transformator disturbs a loudspeaker.

Also - when driving the wheel is extremely hard to turn and if I lighten it to 70-80nm it is better, but when I get to a turn the wheel is very choppy and it feels like a ball bearing where some of the balls are gone ( when turning I get more resistance in the wheel and then it lets go and then it hits a again - as if the road was extremely bumpy)

After mounting Tomo’s replacement box yesterday I now don’t know what to do. I will most likely reinstall everything, but I wanted to ask if any one has experienced something similar and located the fault or if anyone has any other suggestions.

Yes, all failure software, stress tests, etc, etc, has already been performed - so I am a bit lost…

I appreciate all help!



Artefacts like that usually means gfx card problems. Have you run any gfx card stress tests eg 3dmark?

Yes, Furmark has been run for a long time… 25 minutes and no issues. But, will or can a graphics issue make my OSW go apeshit? Or, will a graphics issue have an impact on my steering wheel acting up even before everything crashes? Remember my steering wheel acts up and gives feed back that wasn’t there before… Or do I have separate issues?

If the computer crashes that could effect usb which could make you wheel go crazy. What happens when you play a none sim racing game with your wheel unplugged?

More details of hardware of computer, what USB ports you are using for the wheel and peripherals etc etc.

Thank you, guys for trying to help!

I’ll make a list of the hardware tomorrow - but mainly 850w power supply, 1TB SSD, EVGA 1080ti, Strix ROG something, 32gb ram… I use a combination of 2.0 and 3.0 - wheel is connected to 2.0, I use a good bridge connected to a 2.0.

This afternoon I tried to disconnect two screens (I have 3 x 32" 144Hz - newest curved monitors) and only drive with one. It did not crash!! I connected my two others back and it crashed direct…

I also found a picture of a monitor from a guy playing “shoot’ed up games” that shows a similar pattern that I get on mine… I found that he has problems with his 1080ti… They’ve replaced one, he got another back with the same problem… waiting for his third.

So, come Monday I will talk to the store where I bought it and see if I can return my card and take it from there.

What bothers me though is my wheel and how choppy and hard that feels no matter what I do for settings, it seems.

Start first tests by moving osw USB cable to different ports. Test on all of them.

I too was thinking USb but if the monitors are involved, this may be a board issue, make sure you have the Card in the correct PCIE slot, especially if using an M2 with can reduce the bandwidth on some of the slots. reset you bios on the board to stock… no overclocks or voltage changes etc etc.

My teammate has had a horrible Autumn with hardware.

First his 1080 (EVGA) just plain broke :frowning:
He got another one as warranty replacement.
At the same time, there was an iRacing update that added the bloom lights and other particle stuff, and his iRacing started to freeze / crash quite often. He managed to reduce that a lot, but not completely. In came a new PSU and a new motherboard.
Still crashed.
It didn’t seem to crash at all when using a display instead of Oculus Rift.

Then he thought that Rift was broken, and bought the Vive lighthouses + Vive Pro.
Crashes still happened!

And it always only crashed iRacing.

Then he switched to 1060 at the same household, no crashing at all, but not enough power for the Vive Pro. Also the 1080 started to crash, for the first time, also in other games on another computer - and it did not crash on his own computer in stress tests or in games.

Eventually, 2080 was bought, and now everything works again.

Also, SteamVR had huge accuracy/latency/tracking issues just around the time he got the Vive Pro, so he had to manually keep using an old version and try to make Steam not update it. Thankfully, I heard this has been corrected mostly during last two weeks. But the tracking, from what I heard, still isn’t as good as Rift…

I really feel your pain, and by your description,it really seems to be a graphics card or a PSU issue.

Thank you Mika!

It sounds like you’re describing my situation… pain!

I don’t know what I haven’t tried to find a solution to this and although it now seems it is my graphics card, nothing happens on a stress test.

What some here seem not to understand is that it has worked perfect for almost a year and then - “Bang”!

I also think I will try 2080, but also try to have them discount me for the 1080. We’ll see what happens when I talk to them on Monday!

Thanks again for your lengthy description and input. To read your post was like some one else told my story!



on your first post thats a photo from your phone . Can you take a prtscn and upload the photo here?


Cpu : ?
Motherboard : ?
Bios version : ?
Memory (specific number not only capacity) : ?
If the store tested the gpu and it didn’t crash you will have to search more.
Have you done any oc ? Even memory via xmp profile ?

Software version of windows : ?
Do you remember if the driver changed when the problem started ?
Have you tried deleting the driver with ddu and installing an older version ?

Also what do you mean that use a good bridge connected to a 2.0.?

What make and model is the power supply? You want the best power supply you can afford, cheap power supplies cause more problems than just about anything else.

I got a new graphics card yesterday and things are now working again - graphics and crashing wise.

However - my steering wheel still feels like some one is chopping my hands hard in every turn. It doesn’t matter what I set my force feedback Nm to in iracing.

Everything else is set exactly as the video on you tube that Tomo is recommending. I’ve checked the bolts on the wheel, I’ve tried other USB’s… nothing helps, it still is very difficult to make a decent turn or to hit any point of a turn well.


Oh, and I tested Asetto Corsa too with the same chopping in the steering wheel. Hence, it is not game specific.

Can you share your settings in granity and simucube? Did you try other usb ports?

its difficult to understand what you mean by “chopping on your hands”.

Does the wheel center point stay or does it change when you drive? That would indicate a loose shaft coupler, which would also manifest itself with a very hard shake as the coupler slips on the shaft.

I’ll try to describe it differently… and not chopping on my hands but in my hands. Imagine an axe chopping wood. That means a powerful blow every time the axe hits the wood. This is the feeling from my steering wheel every time go through a turn - the wheel is like the axe, hitting my hand like chops ( blows ) or like something hitting my hands. It is not a smooth feeling going through a turn it is a feeling that you had no suspension and you would hit a rut or a pothole and the steering wheel is like hart to hold in a turn, then soft, then hard, then soft and that becomes a chopping action. No car I ever drove on a track or any where in life has ever behaved like this, except for off road when your wheel hits something and your wheel wants to go wild.

I hope this gives you a better idea… or five :wink:

Will send tomorrow morning

You either have encoder settings incorrect /inverted or 2 phases on motor-power swapped.