Problem with my SC2 PRO

Hi to all…i have a problem with my SC2 PRO in this days…
i have buy a sc2 on december… but now I begin to have the feeling in the hands as if the tree had played, in the curves the ffb is no longer soft and linear but it would seem to go jerky … in addition it adds an excessively metallic sound (ACC)… making the guide little nice…I have TD 2021.1 and firmware version 1.0.33

thanks to all

Have you updated FW recently, try downgrade to 2020.10?

I already have 2020.10 for example at the exit of the pits at SPA where there are holes in the steering wheel as it vibrates kind of “knock knock” that you feel on my hands coming from inside the engine … I removed and tightened all the screws without any positive result. … incredible

overnight I no longer have a soft but powerful ffb … now it is very rough