Power cable for Simucube 1 with Mige motors with Sc-side green plug

Following recurrent problems of electromagnetic disturbances, I am looking for a complete power cable for simucube 1. From the green plug in the Simucube box to the engine. Not a Biss-C.
Thank you.

The power cable is the same regardless of encoder, but the motor side depends of which motor you have. Is it a Mige motor?

Yes I have a MiGE 130ST-M10010.
Thank you

i guess something like this https://www.simracingbay.com/product/fully-shielded-mige-servo-cables-with-emergency-box/ but the option for mige motors with 5000ppr etc

Unfortunately I don’t think Tomo is making those anymore.

That’s the problem, I don’t find it with the usual suppliers.

It would not be hard to get a standard Mige power cable.
The problem is Tomo was the only one making the shielded power cable.

What country are you in?

I living in Belgium.

If you can use the stock Mige power cable you could try Tomo at simracingbay, Ollie at Simplicity.
I can’t remember the guy in the UK. Jed I think.

You could also get it direct from Lisa at Mige
I could sell you one, but the shipping cost would be insane for a $35 cable.

I would also be sure to try to remedy the EMI problems througout the system.
Proper USB cables with ferrite chokes, proper grounding etc

If you are on iRacing look at the old brute Force OSW threads. There is alot of info on taking care of EMI. It was a common problem prior to Simucube SC1 controls.

Maybe he could build to order one. Maybe it is not stock atm but i think he could make one after some days , but it is better for him to ask Tomo.

Last I talked to Tomo about this he did not have anymore Mige motor connectors.
Someone in the USA wanted a set of shielded cables and Tomo was not able to help him.

No harm in asking him. Worst could happen is he tells you no?

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I found a cable from a private individual who likes SimRacing!

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Good news!

Did you find the info on how to handle EMI issues with OSW wheels?

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Thanks for digging that up.:blush:

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We just had a new batch of motors from Mige the power cables supplied are sheilded let me know if you still need one

Also you can try using a high quality USB hub.


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I connected the new cable and everything is working perfectly. Thank you all.
A brand new SC2 Pro is coming today!