Poll: Does your SimuCUBE hang on Ioni Firmware Update 100%

Brion suggested a poll to try to find out any commonality on the Ioni Firmware update hanging at 100% at the first start of the new SimuCUBE firmware if there is a new Ioni firmware bundled.

For this test, you can do the following to get the thing to trigger:
Upload an old Ioni firmware with Granity. Save and restart drive. Disconnect Granity, but do not regain the SMBus with the Configuration tool. Power off the SimuCUBE instead. Close Configuration tool. Reopen configuration tool. Turn SimuCUBE back on. It should then auto-update Ioni firmware to the version that is bundled with the Firmware, with the status percentage visible.

  • I get the stuck at 100%. Power-off and power-on is required.
  • I don’t get the stuck at 100%. I get to operational -state successfully.
  • Other (comment on what happens).

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I have managed to repeat the issue now, at least once. It would be triggered only when the system settings have invalid format as well, resulting in default settings being set. System was supposed to go into the not configured state, but it was just left hanging in the updating Ioni firmware -state, doing nothing else. Lets see if my fix resolves this issue - it will be in the next beta.

good to hear that things are being found.

Nice find - yeah I saw this issue on the weekend as well, but a simple reset of the Simucube fixed it without concerns.

Perhaps old habit of mine, but I think good practise anyway to reset electronics after FW upgrade. It’s the same on me SS2 setup, have to reset after flashing via Bootloader.

But good if you could replicate the ‘bug’

I think that was the issue… It was supposed to reset the IONI like can be done from the Granity Software but for some reason it was hanging prior to that… Keeping it from going immediately operational… Glad it is found and hopefully fixed as it will make updates just that little bit easier… Mine always gave up and locked up… It just wouldn’t do what it was supposed to do… lol With both computers, My Mac Mini and now by self dubbed SimuCOMPUTER lol.