Please implement an option to deactivate the idle 4 minute beeping!

we have just installed our simucube 2 ultimate and we are seriously annoyed by the 4 minutes beep. It is a absolute no go for us. We are using it in a professional environment, we are aware of our rig and the wheelbase running - which is most of the day- and we are aware of the wheelbase and it’s capabilities. We have to use it in high torque mode and to switch that on and off constantly is not a solution for us.

Our rig / wheelbase It is used unter supervision only. So we do not see any legitimate reason for it to make those noises which are seriously disturbing when being around the rig and not using it.

Make us agree to whatever you need for legal purposes (which we consider completely over the top - at least in Europe as there is no way we could have a case here) and then configure the wheelbase to our use case. Which is putting it into permanent high torque on and no sounds otherwise when in idle.


Hi Bernhard,

Our current plan is to deactivate the torque after two beeps (with a special audible tone for that). Torque will be re-enabled by cycling e-stop button or by clicking a button in the True Drive.

For permanent activation of high torque mode, we are selecting the best and most safe way (for legal reasons) to do so.

We got used to the Fanatec DD2 which was completely hassle free in regards of that. One confirmation of full torque when turned on and then we did not have to deal with it any more for the rest of the day. No matter if we used it or not.

There are so many additional software tools running, some of them require to be activated/turned on/dialed in - it was very nice not being forced to permanently check on the status of the DD. When simulation fired up, it did what it is supposed to do and otherwise it just stayed there.

We are worried if we have no to either tolerate beeps (not an option) or mabe have to check on/turn on/… the wheel base every time we are using the rig.

Make us agree to whatever you need for legal purposes (which we consider completely over the top - at least in Europe as there is no way we could have a case here) and then configure the wheelbase to our use case. Which is high torque on and no sounds otherwise when in idle.

We do hope to find a solution here in the near future. We went for the Ultimate without doubts as we knew to run it in professional environment and are quite disappointed to have to deal with this now…

PS Thx for the super fast reply. Which is a very different experience to our inquiry to exchange the SQR which we filled in the official form on your website and via support e-mail as we did not receive any reaction within a week…

Royal we. Welcome to the community. :slight_smile:


Please, make this automatic deactivation at least optional, that would even be worse than the actual behavior which is annoying enough anyway

@Bernhard Just out of interest and to satisfy my curiosity, can you clarify what you mean when you say you “run it in professional environment”.

I ask because from what I’ve seen, you run it in exactly the same environment that most of us here do which is in our homes rather than a commercial premises.

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I agree with Revan. Deactivating the torque after to beeps makes things worse.
Do NOT implement such feature, PLEASE.

Would it be a solution to have an additional button in the TD Software.

  1. Activate high torque (with the beeps as it is right now)
  2. Activate high torque ==> without beeps but with a additional activation button and a declaration of consent with reference to the risks and terms to an exclusion of liability from GD.
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If you are done or do a break just trigger the e-stop… When you are ready to drive just pulled it out… how simple is that. Guys please dont cry about a safety feature just because you are to lazy to trigger the e stop!


I safety is such a big topic, why was that 360° Problem which can hurt you actually pretty bad not fixed in the last firmware update?
This is actually quite dangerous when you change a setting ingame.

There is hardly any torque at the wheel if you are out of the game, make a break and don´t press the e-stop, nothing can happen at this point.

I don´t have a problem with the e-stop at all, it is useful.

But for my convienience would i prefer to have the choice to confirm once that i am aware of the risk and do not want any security beeps or automatically deactivated torque.

If this choice isn´t an option than i prefer it the way it is now. Just my opinion. No claim, just a wish

In an ideal world i would like a way to gain access to high torque with the wheel and E stop alone. Once i am setup for the week i would prefer to not run the software when i dont need to and for the wheel to wake up where it left off on power up after we had completed some sequence of events to get high torque mode.

Im fine with hitting the estop when the wheel is not in use and it beeping me.

We… are truely happy to be with you! ; )

Hi Paul, I run a company offering computer consulting and event organizing. I am currently working on a website to offer simracing experiences and services in Vienna. We already had several people here testing various parts of the rig and/or running it for fun. Since simracing is rather small thing in Austria yet, there is no way I can justify to rent a dedicated public place to offer that - for now. Depending on demand we may go that way. So I run the rig in my home office to be rented out on appointment which makes more sense anyway, especially when people are intested in state of the art products rather than just having 5 minutes of fun. Does that make sense now?
(and sorry for the “we”, but there are various people envolved in my sim racing activities and I like to include them as I see us as a team. And I (we) also have an actual international sim racing team running quite successfull VLN/vVLN endurance races in iRacing - and that’s a we…)

Thanks Bernhard and I wish you good luck with your new venture.

Of course, how you want or choose to operate your equipment is completely down to your personal preference but I would have thought the current system that’s in place would place your customers/friends in a safer position than one where they may step into your rig not realising that the motor is already in high torque mode.

At the moment there is a unfixed (rare) reported bug where the wheel can turn 360 degrees under force when changes are made in game. For me these types of issues are a good reason to keep the things just as they are.

Just to be clear, I’m not telling you that what you’ve asked for is wrong. Just offering another way that things can be looked at.

I never made any reference to “we” but thanks for explaining.

Dear Paul,

yes, sorry - the “we-explanation” refered to another comment - just included it here.

As you have noticed, the rig is not in an public easy accessable area and anyone getting into the rig is getting briefed accordingly beforehand. So the moment they get in the rig, they know what to expect and how to deal with it. Therefore we would very much prefer not to deal with double checking and changing torque settings and/or activating/deactivating the base in order to prevent peeping. Which does not add to any safety improvement whatsoever in my books.

And bottom line for me at the moment is, that the usage of the simucube is quite a bit more complicated than the Fanatec DD2 was. So as far as I am concerend it would be very nice to have the option to configure the base according the given usecases and preferences which seems not to be possible at the moment.

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Dear @Bernhard,

You seem to be one of the very few people around with hands-on experience both with Fanatec DD2 and Simucube 2. Appreciate it if you could take some time sharing your thoughts on both of the systems and what made you switch?

P.S. New post, probably, would be better placed, rather than here :slight_smile:


Second that, especially on usability perspective and what can be done on SC2 side to improve it.

As far as i know this option is there since the beginning - press e-stop!!!

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Dear @Maris

I would (and I did to some extend as I made a video prior to install and use Simucube 2 Ultimate of why I am going to switch from DD2 to SC2 (look for youtube channel TANGO RACING), but I understand - especially in forums and especially in forums for a given product, that opinions are strong. Especially if you don’t just praise a product like most seem to do with Simucube 2 at the moment.

I will do another video explaining my experiences with Simucube 2 Ultimate after some time of usage as I still learn more things about it every day.

Bottom line for me: There are strong Pros and Cons with both products and it depends on your given use case what’s the better product for you - or with what product you end up to be more happy.

I am neither someone praising Simucube and bashing Fanatec, or being a Fanatec Fanboy not willing to except anything else, but I do see good and not so good things in both products.


Thank you! Quite interesting points.
For others who wants to take a look, here is the link to the Bernhard’s video:

Well then, we have to add the other two related videos too…

PS I want to note that there has been a month long support ticket discussion (mentioning my activities and experiences) before publishing those videos the way they are. So there have been plenty of opportunities to give them another turn… I do use the Ultimate for the mentioned reasons in the first place/video, but I still consider it way more problematic and user unfriendly than the DD2. I understand lots of effort is done to improve this, but I cannot understand or approve plenty of decisions and reactions made on the way…