Over voltage errors consistently

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My hardware configuration:
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-(other details)OSW simucube/ioni 20Nm from Simplicity

Problems arise when:
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Braking/turn in/over Krebs, cuts FFB and shows over voltage error.

How it behaves:
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Having it cut out consistently with over voltage error.
I’ve updated firmware. Added a couple of volts to the FOV setting. Checked connections. Dialled down the max amps and FFB etc. Nothing really changes it. Sometimes lasts a few laps often lasts just a few corners.
Any suggestions of what to look at next?

How I would expect it to behave:

I have attached following files:
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Post your settings, especially the Overvoltage Fault Tolerance setting.


Ok, thank you for the screenshots.

It is possible, that there is an actual hardware fault on the device. What kind of case is the Simucube installed in -the acrylic or another type of case?

In an aluminium case.

I suspect Regen Circuit failure, going by the symptoms…especially if you have been running very old FW for a long time.

The symptoms indicates resistor burning out and/or TrenchMOS going faulty. Can you open case and see if big white ceramic resistor has cracks on it?

That is my thinking as well. If this is a device under warranty from reseller, I would suggest to consult with them on what is the best way to proceed.

The burned-out resistor can be easily spotted as the large white ceramic component on the circuit board would have a crack in it.

What’s FW mean? Not heard that before

FW short for FirmWare

FW refers to Firmware, SW to Software, HW to hardware…just abbreviations we often use…

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Of course, sorry. One of those days. FW has been updated several times.

I still suspect Regen circuit failure, overvolting is quite common symptom of that, especially looking at your settings above, which all seems inline with what I would expect…

Can you perhaps just push ‘Measure Resistance & Inductance’ button under ‘Machine’ tab?

One thing you could try is to update the IONI firmware via Granity. There might be software based fixes.

Yep, good point, that was also the FW I was referring to. But anyway, hw is the dual-resistor stack setup, I don;t think I have seen any failures on them…or perhaps Brion’s was one, if memory serves…

What is error code 441803? That’s showing now in Granity and I cant perform an inductance/resistance test

I can’t remember that one.

Did you update IONI firmware already?

A little background. The sim is with a race team I work with and remote from me, so I’m logging in via Teamviewer to do this, so I’m working a bit blind.
I haven’t updated Ioni FW yet. Was trying to perform the motor test.

That should not be a required step and will not fix overvoltage issues.

Update the firmware instead.

I can’t even get Granity to connect to it now. Simucube says hardware fault. I’m have the team send it back to me so I can get a a closer look.

Thanks for help so far.

I’ve taken the box apart to have a look and here’s a picture. I can’t see anything obviously burnt out, the resistors look clean and intact.