Euro Truck Simulator 2 and Simucube 2

Hey guys, as you know ets2 in 1.42 has reworked their ffb engine, Does anyone have a great setting in this new version?

Not sure about great but these are the settings I’ve come up with

Ingame setting. Its a bit annoying that they are using sliders and not percentages (its all greyed out as my SC2 was turned off at the time)

True drive settings


Thanks! I will try this for sure, btw what do you feel about this ffb rework? I try a bit and instantly feel the centering behavior is different, and I think is better than before, but I see a lot of comment hate it. :sweat_smile:

I didnt notice too much but I havent really put that much time into ETS. I think the only thing I’ve noticed or it could be my settings is the self aligning feels better

Do lorries even have any self aligning?

Mika driving ETS2​:joy: What is your experience with the harvester sim, any in depth knowledge :+1::kissing_heart:

Yo Mika! Personally I didn’t even drive a truck before, that makes me wonder how realistic the rework is. I did watch some real scania video on youtube, I see there must have some self aligning action, hope if anyone actually drove one can tell us how these truck steering wheel works lol

I imagine they have to have some form of self-centering geometry as a safety feature, if nothing else. I drive heavy trucks on occasion but, not at highway speeds. I never noticed anything that makes them feel different than driving a car, just a bigger steering wheel. :wink:

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How did these settings turn out? I am intrigued to know if others have found a good FFB settings for ETS2. I like to play all kinds of racing/driving games, not just high end sim racing, so if I pull the trigger on purchasing a simucube 2 pro, I want to make sure it can work decently with other games outside of a few titles that are racing sims…