New to the Simucube 2 pro and got a annoying electrical noise from the motor Help

Hi all i have just got myself a simucube 2 pro and very happy with the build quality and ffb but i have an annoying electrical noise coming from the motor/shaft of the wheelbase, i have tried it in titles, raceroom and acc and both have this noise. I have tried different paddock profiles as well as a default profile and changing recon filter and unable to get the noise to stop can some one please help with this as now i know its there its taking away from the pleasure of the wheelbase. Also i watched a lot of reviews on youtube and none of them mention this noise and i can compare this to a dd1 which i have never heard a noise from the dd1?

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated, Gary

Please check recent similar threads for more information. SIMUCUBE 2 Pro Abnormal sound of equipment

In summary should be in normal limits and similar what others are experiencing. Tweaking some parameters like slew rate limit may make the noise less noticeable.

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Hi does every simucube 2 pro wheel base have the noise i am describing?

To a degree, some more, some less, depending on individual coil winding, mounting, and settings.
Mine is relatively quiet comparing to what I’ve seen in all those clips, but I still can hear that faint noise at times when going over rough surface.

Hi Andrew, ahh what do you think would determine a noisy wheel base as its hard for me to compare it to another as i don’t have one to compare it too? I have also noticed that when im not in a game if i just full lock the steering you can get it to make the noise also, and i wouldn’t consider that to be aggressive enough for it to make the noise not like when your in game and really forcing the wheel? Again the actual force and feeling i get from the wheel is the best i have felt but i would of thought that this noise in such a high quality unit to be not acceptable as it affects gameplay in my opinion.(depending on how loud the speakers are)

That’s how Mika explained it

Each motor is slightly different, so guess this is the reason for sound variations.
@Mika, does each servo receive individual tunning, I remember in Granity SW there was option to measure individual motor coil inductance and resistance for torque controller tuning, and one of the symptoms of suboptimal tune was audible noise.

Too high Coil inductanceML will cause sharp overshooting and high frequency oscillations. Motor may produce audible noise if oscillations are continuous (occurs with way too high ML).

The tuning is the same for every unit, and applied at every start. From motor controllers perspective, the resistance and inductance are the same, we haven’t noticed any significant variation in our production.

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Is there any other explanation for difference in audible feedback and to some degree signal graininess?

Hi Mika i sent you a direct message but i have not got a reply, i may not of sent the message right could you please take a look at the video i have provided if you have some time spare.

This one is of the noise when not in game but turning the wheel until you get to the end stop you can hear the noise clearly and this is without any pressure or ffb applied?

And this is what it sounds like when in game i have tried different settings and profiles but unable to silence or make it less noticeable.

I understand that people are saying some noise is acceptable but what would determine the noise to be an acceptable limit, i absolutely love my pro and the ffb is amazing but to be honest the noise is very off putting and once you know its there im permanently listing for it and may of swayed my choice if i had known about it before making my purchase. I think that this should be explained more and possible a video explaining what is actually happening and also so we can compare the acceptable sound limit to the wheelbase we have purchased.

How loud a sound is hard to know, because it gets louder the closer you listen or record it, how sensitive the microphone is etc. So it’s highly subjective. Young people hear higher frequencies, others are more sensitive to different frequencies, some live in a busy street and couldn’t be bothered. Only way to know for sure if yours is somehow defective is to compare it to another unit with similar setting.

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Hi i totally agree but i do not have another unit so i can only go of what i think would be acceptable and i dont think it is, currently i am playing it at a reasonable sound level set at 21% on my pc connected to 2 PC speakers and a little sub and i can hear the frequency type noise very clear over the speakers and in my opinion i would not class it as an acceptable level as its affecting gameplay and i cannot honestly see this been classed as functioning correctly and i agree this really needs to be compared to another unit to compare the sound difference between the two and i am pretty shocked that i have messaged people directly and not gotten a reply??? also i have messaged simucube which i know have seen the message and have not replied so i dont think really it has been taken seriously and i understand that people on here are saying that there is noise depending on profiles ect but the level of the noise i am hearing may be higher even though possibly the sound is the same, i hope this makes sense. I have also sent videos into my reseller who has said it appears louder than the one they use so hopefully i am able to get this resolved but i cannot see how youtubers have reviewed this wheel base and not commented on the noise if this is how it should be and this is also leading me to believe that there is in fact an issue.

Also if anyone can upload a video clip of theres to compare the sound that would be great.

You can watch Beano’s video with his Pro unit, noise is there. It is what it is, I think your mount amplifies noise too.

Can’t say anything on behalf of Granite, but I think the official support channel is through the reseller. They have replied in general terms earlier, and probably could not tell anything more for the reasons I said earlier.

I could record the noise that my wheel produces, but it wouldn’t make any difference. I can’t hear it over my headphones, only in very specific instances I hear anything that I can’t even remember what they were. So I hear it so rarely that I recognize the sound, but can’t tell it bothers me or when I actually hear it. But I wear a headset always.

Also it’s already weekend in Finland, so possible reply to your message may take until monday.

So I think your best option is to handle it through the seller who can then handle the problem with Granite.

yeah i think this makes sense, i cannot have nothing more than good words to say about this units build quality the feel and force is fantastic its just that bloody noise its driving me crazy especially when your on ets2 were its a more relax game play then the noise drives me up the wall. Thanks for your help.

Do you have any other wheel?
Looks like the hub assy or paddles are vibrating

Resonances are a common problem with DDs

Yeah i agree you can hear noise from the wheel base in his video but i would class that as quit especially when he is running that at a very high torque level im sure he says 20nm on a demanding track and i would definitely say that my unit is louder than that and also im sure iracing is one of the worse sims for creating this noise as well something to do with there frequency output? so i think i would say mine is louder than this.

Hi yeah same using a different wheel i have omp 330mm wheel with no paddle box just simucube quick release attached and the noise is still the same you can actually hear that its in the wheelbase itself if that makes sense.

Mount makes lots of difference, solid machined one in Beano’s case and what seems like thin sheet metal standard mount in yours. It resonates and adds noise. I have thick aluminum front mount on P1-X and my noise is about the same as Beano’s.

This sounds completely normal, both hitting the bump stops with torque off as well as during use in high torque mode. You have nothing to worry about. As Andrew said, if you want to minimise noise (and maximise fidelity while you’re at it) you will need to front mount the unit to something of significant thickness ~15mm and make sure that is connected firmly to something such as aluminium profile rig.

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Mine does the same, and like others said it’s normal. Fyi the Simucube 1 with the Mige was a lot louder.