New Simucube logo final candidate poll



Based on the previous poll, we now have narrowed options to three Simucube logo candidates. Make your opinion heard and let us know which one you like most.

If you feel being in artistic mood, feel free to post your suggestion below that people can also vote!

  • Type A
  • Type B
  • Type C
  • Other

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Thanks for voting!

Edit: if you like arra’s idea the best, then please don’t vote here and instead give like to his post!


New logo for SimuCUBE. Vote your favorite!

I like the basic idea. Here is version with even more CUBE in it!


Certainly very solid idea @arra! Never thought of that my self.

To everyone: if you like arra’s idea the best, then please don’t vote on poll but instead give like to his post!


Guys maybe you don’t want the logo look to much the same as the HRS logo. Just saying for you to take in consideration.


Good point; for any logo selection we will have to discard all those that are too similar to other brands in this sim racing field. HRS is maybe too similar to our option B and also to @arra’s option.


That’s why I went for C. It’s unique.


I originally voted for b in the first poll. But once I realized that c was a helmet I kind of liked it and along with the fact it went with the ad before the first poll voted for that this time. The ad was great by the way.


I originally chose b, but after seeing the one that Arra did blacked out, it looks even better.


Originally voted for B, but prefer Arra’s proposal (like the solid black)


Yes the solid black does look good


+1 I like Araa the best


Guys, the logo from Araa is really good, anyway since we hardcore DD wheel user know what SimuCube stands for, probably anyone else does not, so I propose to add a wheel in the logo :), e.g. like this one (just showing what I mean):


That is clever. :slight_smile:
I like it.


Arra’s option adds a little bit of flair to it. This is definitely my preference now as well.


Arra’s option looks great and I don’t believe it’s that similar to the HRS logo. I would not confuse the two.


Here’s our latest idea from @Aki.


I think it makes the visor idea clearer and also more pleasant for eye. What you guys think? :slight_smile:


Aki’s looks good, but I still like Araa’s the best.


The problem with B and with @arra’s logo is that it looks too similar from “SC cube logo” google image search. Also the letters really do not have meaning or added value in the logo. That’s why we are still trying to convince us that C should be worked a little more…


C without the simucube lettering underneath did not have any meaning for me.
I honestly had no idea the center part was a visor until I just read it.
If the logo is going to have the word Simucube on it, I think you could do just about anything.:slight_smile:


I see what you mean now. I just Google searched SC cube logo and there are a lot of them!

I think Araa’s could be a copyright problem