New Simucube logo final candidate poll



One more idea! Better or worse than then visor cube design?


Tero that is my favorite!
Pretty easy to tell it has something to do with cars.


Originally voted B but like Arra’s


really like Teros idea too. Brings the idea across rather than being focused on just the name


Still like the cube…anyone who is into SIM racing enough to be looking for a DD wheel already knows it’s for driving.
I don’t see any value in the picture of a steering wheel.

The focus is in the name - ‘Cube’


Because its trying to attract customers that might not know and be easily recognizable.


Just find the B very similar to this : image or is it jus me ?


And these:

The use of the cube design is hardly a new idea.
It is nonetheless a very clean and visually impactful one.
Simple and clean is the way to go.

Arra or Aki options - the Visor thing is kinda cool as it ties in ‘Simulation’ (VR) and also the ‘Cube’.


If you look at the new Simucube facebook page and twitter account, you get a hint of what we selected. There might be minor adjustments in the future, though.


Makes sense I guess as the cube was similar to many other designs.

Good job