New SimuCube build doesn't to connect to Ioni

with an error code: with Short Long error (undervoltage) on Ioni HC Pro
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Hello everybody,

I have a bit of a problem with setting up new installation of SimuCube.

A bit of background:

I had IoniCube which I bought premade. Then I bought SimuCube PCB and acrylic case and 720W peak PSU to upgrade to SimuCube at the same time I bought SinCos 3.7m.

I put it all together.

It is new SimuCube board directly from Granite devices and my old IoniHC Pro. I connected X1, X16 and X4 plus AC cable and left the Emergency button depressed (not pressed in).

I powered the SimuCube and started granite devices software to upgrade Ioni FW as per instruction (

But when I try to connect I cannot see any devices on “Communication interface device”: SimpleMotion USB (FT230X Basic UART) when I press “Connect to drive” the pop-up window is empty.

When I look at the lights on SimuCube I have LED3 solid Green (which seems to be ok) but on Ioni I believe I have Short Long on LED2 (Orange) which translates to under voltage according to instruction but does not give any other description. The PSU I am using is SDR-480-48.

Any ideas welcomed :slight_smile:


You can proceed to install the Simucube bootloader. After it is installed, you should be able to connect via Granity.

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Hi Mika,

Thank you for the reply.

I just wanted to check the following - so I will be able to check them once I install bootloader and before I install the SimuCube firmware or should I not worry about the below - sorry the Wiki is kind of not clear to me about order of action now:

The following settings must be done, before updating to SimuCUBE firmware. Connect to drive via Granity, and then

  • Check that SMO value (SM Bus Address Offset), found on the Goals tab, is 0. If not, change it to 0.
  • Check that you have NOT enabled any homing function in the IONI drive settings.
  • Check that you have NOT configured a limit switch function to do something in IONI drive.
  • Check that HV Bus Voltage on the Testing tab in Granity, and verify that your Overvoltage Fault Threshold is at least 1.5 V or 2.0 V above it. Later IONI firmwares require this additional margin.
  • Check that the Maximum Motor Current is slightly above the Maximum Continuous Current.
  • All of the above points mostly concern DIY builders, who have configured their systems by themselves.
  • If any changes had to be made, save settigns to drive, and restart drive.
  • Please make sure the drive has been updated to at least IONI firmware version 1.6.1 (version code 10601) or later. Earlier IONI firmware versions lack the support for automatic firmware update mechanism that SimuCUBE firmware utilizes.
    • If your installed IONI Fimware is prior to the one listed above then you must update the IONI firmware manually using Granity. (see Troubleshooting: #1 Automatic IONI Firmware update fails)


These are required when updating a previous mmos firmware based installation to Simucube firmware, to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

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Ohh, I see and it does not apply to me because I have fresh SimuCube PCB directly from you guys?

And it does not matter that my Ioni HC Pro comes with some FW from 2016 on it and was used in my previous IONI Cube build?

Thanks one more time!

You can fix those settings later as well.

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By those do you mean the settings from my 2nd post (copied from WIKI) or the ones which are stored in my IONI HC Pro from previous build?

Both. After you install the Simucube firmware, then most likely it will just get stuck in IONI firmware update error mode, as the firmware on that would be too old to enable automatic update. But you can fix it by manual update via Granity, and at that time, also check other parameters.

Also, please read the known issues stated on the firmware download page. Specifically, 0.10.0 will not work correctly when IONI firmware is too old. Install 0.11.2 instead.

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Yes, I have seen that about 0.10.0. Thank you for pointing that out.

Perfect so my plan of action is - please correct me if I am wrong anywhere:

  1. Install Bootloader
  2. Flash SimuCube firmware
  3. Adjust settings as per my post 2 (as per WIKI)
  4. Flash new Ioni FW (most likely with the help of Granity - manual flash)
  5. Install DRC file for combination of my Servo + Encoder?
  6. Adjust settings in SimuCube like filtering etc.
  7. Enjoy driving?


Most likely, after setting adjustment, you can skip step 5 as the settings would be correct already.

You would replace that step by
5. Run “Configure Motor, Encoder and Centerpoint wizard”.

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I have installed new Encoder (SinCos 3.7m) at the same time as doing upgrade to SimuCube hardware so the motor settings stored in the Ioni ATM are incorrect.

ah, ok. So, either change just those settings in Granity, or upload a new DRC file which you can do in Granity and also in the aforementioned wizard.

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So am I right that in that case my plan of action is correct? Am I right that step 4 and 5 are in correct order? So that I first should get Ioni FW updated to newest version (either automatically by SimuCube FW or manually if that fails) before I install DRC file with correct Encoder / Motor settings?

Yes, that is correct.

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Many thanks Mika. Amazing support. Hopefully it will be smooth sailing from now on.

Just one additional thing. 0.11.2 will have missing ffb, until you set bumbstop ramp range to something other than 0 at least once and save settings to Simucube. This is already fixed for next build, but we haven’t had the time to focus on getting a new build out because of all the development going on with it.

HI guys,

Im at this point too. How do I install bootloader and where do I get it from?

Hello, something similar happens to me, the error code indicated by the LED is LSLL, Long, short, long, long …, when searching in the granity tool, the pop-up window goes blank, in ftx230x basic uart I can’t connect. Ioni pro hc, 480-720 big mige, encoder biss-c 4.2. I installed 10712 and stopped recognizing the device. I can’t get back to 10711.Im sorry i speak english so bad,
I speak English very badly, I understand it but I write very badly.XD

Hi and welcome to the forum,

I was not able to repeat such issue.

You should be able to connect to IONI via the dip switch method; Power off Simucube, turn the dip switches to the other position, then connect to IONI via the X4 USB port. Let us know if this works or not.

However, the 1.7.12 version of IONI firmware does not fix anything that has an effect in Simucube use case; the required version of IONI firmware is supplied with the Simucube firmware and it will be updated automatically.

Do I need to disable simucube tool?

I move the 2 switches? ON / 1 and CTS / 2?

I try in DFU mode?
The pc recognize simucube but dont recognize smt 32,i reinstall that driver but dont appears in granity