New Simicube 2 Software Issue


Just got a Simicube Pro 2 and unable to work.
My guess is the issue is related to the Operating Mode: “Waiting for drive to get ready”. Whatever that means.

Long story short is that I am on 2021.11 hotfix with that operating mode. I can switch between tabs but cannot do anything. Any action (enable high torque, login / register, select my wheel, etc.) are all not responding.

support feedback is that I am the 2nd user to experience this. The other person managed a firmware upgrade with another PC (which I could not do). So since this is a corner case, they updated the notes and left it at that…

Any advice?

Downloaded True Drive 2021.12. Firmware update did not work, so True Drive closed.
Did a clean up PC windows re-install and just downloaded True Drive. Same issue.
Tried a different PC as recommended by support. Same issue on a different PC.
Went back to older True Drive releases: it will not flash because it says the unit has a more recent version.
Went to 2021.11 hotfix - True Drive stays on without firmware update but no action will work

I’ve answered your support ticket now.

Please check your e-stop button status - there might be a bug in 2021.11 that prevents from updating from that release to any other release if e-stop is pressed. Also the system will say in the waiting state if e-stop button is pressed.

To get a firmware release earlier than 2021.11, the separate downgrade procedure must be done.

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