New SC1 not detected?

Ive just received my wheel so I wanted to hook everything up and get it set up. Pluged a usb b mini cable in the x4 port ? and downlaod lastest simucube_fw_1.0.24 and opened config tool but it doesnt recognise the simucube, any tips. the above firmware is all I have installed atm

Ok so I have it working now by using a new usb cable after trying 4 or 5 previously. Is there any thing I need to enable or change in the config tool ?

I reset the centre too

have it up and running now, HOLY SHIT its powerful. Is my config tool the latest version? All pictures ive seen have a blue logo at the top

Blue logo is the old logo.

OK. At max on the output slider it shows 10 Amps. Is that enough to output 20nm or is there a setting I need to change

those things change inside granity , not in in the simucube tool. In order to tell you if 10Amps are enough you have to remind me what motor did you buy.

As Loukas said it depends on what motor.
If it is Small Mige it requires 12.86 amps if I remember correctly.

Be careful poking around in Granity if you do not know what you are doing. You could easily get into a situation where the wheel will not work anymore without restoring the settings to the correct settings.

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The wheel is Small mige. Can you link me the latest granity software tool? I also noticed that there is no bumpstop options in the latest configurator compared to previous

Correct on bumpstops settings.
Just choose soft or medium and you are done.

Just to note, that I did try to make the Hard bumpstop quite hard, while not inducing too much kickback on my Simucube 1 2M SinCos nor on my Simucube 2 Pro. I do have quite heavy wheel (Ascher B16M-SC and 300mm rim with Simucube Quick Release. Perhaps it does kick back too much on other types of hardware.

I can make it slightly softer for next release, but need to care for those that actually want very harsh bumpstop…

Yeah it is a hard thing to make perfect for everyone.
Size and weight of wheels will make a big difference.

Plus if you have a very strong person they sometimes can turn thru a very soft bump stop and motor normally doesn’t like that.

Is bumpstops strength a percentage of Amperage set in Granity or over all force in Simucube software?
For example bumpstops strength does not get weaker by design if the strength slider in a profile is reduced?

Oops just realized I should have made that comment in the SC1 software thread.:grinning:

Separate bumpstop strength is not available in Simucube 1 anymoret either.

Oh well in that case I think we will need some more bump stop options. Yesterday I remember pushing past the bumpstop in rf2. Is that bad for the motor? Its on soft atm. Should I add some negative lock ? Can I ask why you made the decision to remove that feature?

I understand that features for SC2 must come first but removing features from its predicdsesor to improve SC2’s advantage is quite disappointing, BUT im hoping thats not the case

Bumpstop maximum strength is at 100% now. This was an adjustable setting with 100% at maximum before, and we didn’t find any reason why it should not be 100% permanently.

If your overall strength low, you can overpower the bumpstop strengths (like before).

It does not hurt the motor. In some rare cases if you turn thru the bumpstops it will snap back to center

Ok understood, I like strong ffb, is it recommend to set it to soft bumpstop?

Also when trying to access granity , ive pluged a second usb mini b into the pc and Im getting these options.

You have to click on the enable Ioni button in Simucube software to get into Granity.
Then when you are finished in Granity you have to click it again for Simucube software to become primary again.

Sorry I can’t remember the exact name on the button.

thanks that worked, not changing things just wanted to learn about this software. Do you have any experience with RF2. Im using the OSW_simucube controller in rf2 as it feels the best. but when driving over curbs it nearly rips my arms off. Should I lower Steering torque capability to 10 or so?

You are welcome.
No I don’t have any experience with RF2.
There are quite a few guys on this forum that are very experienced with RF2. I think there are quite a few things you need to setup to get it to work correctly.
Try this link