New pro2 user with Assetto corsa, some advice please

Hi, as title says, I have full version of content manager, I found some good info in the assetto corsa thread and am currently using the settings found in the AC legends by Bazza, which seem a good place to start.

Do I need to do any file editing? I see mention of this in some threads?

In this post here: Assetto Corsa and Simucube 2 number 360, a guy is posting his settings in CM, the screen looks different to mine, why is that? I see talk of FFB tweaks , but cant see that option in mine?

And can you confirm, its best to leave everything off in game and do it all only through truedrive and CM?

Finally, I have a GT3 wheel rim from sim cube, the lights on it flash all the time, how can I stop this?


For the GT3 wheel lights, have a look at the manual for it - I know for the formula wheels, a few of the lights flash if the toggle switches are in a certain direction. I suspect that’s what’s happening here.

If by ‘’ the screen looks different to mine’’ mean you don’ t have the BMW e30 in the backround but you have the same options, then there is no problem.

In order to have ffb tweaks you need to have custom shaders patch. You can install csp in Cm.

If by ‘’ leave everything off in game’’ mean have zero slip effect, road effect etc then i have to say it is subjective. Try it and keep what ever you like.

You do not need file editing when using Cm.

OK< sorted the lights, it was a dodgy USB port…

Loukas, thanks, i found the tweaks page as in the picture, with regard to “everything off”, I meant within the assetto Corsa GUI, leave all options at zero, and just use the settings in True drive…is that correct? I think that was what Bazz meant in his guide etc?

In relation to the above, how do the Truedrive settings and teh in game settings work, what takes preference? For example if you had road effects at 40% in Truedrive and in game at 70%…what would happen?

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what do you mean by road effects in true drive?