New Owner SC2 Pro ~ small issue?

Hey guys, Happy & proud new owner of SC2 Pro here. I purchased from Murray Motorsports in Dublin & they shipped via DHL to Brisbane Australia in less than a week, bloody fantastic service & response from these guys - I highly recommend them to any Aussies considering the purchase.

I previously owned an Accuforce Pro since early 2015 and I did actually love that wheel. But the bug bit me to upgrade as I have long followed the exploits of the illustrious ‘Beano’ who I believe is some sort of Dutch Franken-Aussie on steroids with unbelievably strong arms ~ from what I estimate in his youtube exploits anyway, where he displays himself driving at torque strengths of over 350 to 500nm or such … No ! Seriously !!! :grin: (I hope he knows I joke and will not find me and make another wheel mount from my bones)

After much research, lurking these forums & watching youtube reviews etc. I now have been driving for a week and slowly getting to grips with my new wheel system. It is very much a big evolution from the Accuforce, though I do miss some aspects of Simcommander4.

Finally, my small issue, I am reasonably sure I did read this is a bug in the latest firmware/software but I am experiencing once or twice per day randomly the SC2 Pro will freeze and crash my sim game which has been largely R3E or AMS2 but did do once in rF2. Only way to recover was exit entirely via Task Manager and then power cycle the SC2 Pro by enabling E-Stop and turning on/off via white power button rear of sc2 pro housing.

So then, do I worry too much or just wait for next FW release ? It is not so bad that I cannot race and just a minor inconvenience but just wish to know this is a recognised fault/bug and is in process of fix coming soon.

Thanks and look forward to much more fun with SC2 for many years.

Mark Blanes

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Haha, I’m just a mere mortal :joy:

I suspect you might have to downgrade the FW to an earlier version, A few guys have indicated they had similar issues on the latest, Mika and Co is looking into it and a fix will be forthcoming as soon as he can get it finalised.

If things are not to bad, you can hang-on for the next release, but if it is, downgrade is nice and easy actually…instructions can be found here:


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LoL :sweat_smile: Rather than a traditional Gym your strength is honed on numerous DD Wheels, which I think is brilliant idea actually mate !

I am doing many laps today to tune & become familiar with the wheel … it has crashed once already but I will wait and see how many times it may happen and then decide if I should downgrade.

Thanks for the advice and headsup on the issue, I feel better to know that is it already known & being looked into. Cheers

Lols, I’m doing both! I find I need to keep fit to stay on top of my wheel, if I don’t workout often, my shoulders (rotator-cuffs) will murder me :frowning:

But a good incentive to keep fit (between the food and the beers!)

Enjoy, let me know if I can help in any way, especially wrt settings if you’re battling.


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Yeah I know what you mean mate, my right shoulder feels it … definitely the Simucube wheel has reminded me that I am not so young anymore !

I have been racing GT3 in AMS2 so I took your settings from another thread and toned it down a little (Hercules not I). Torque 80% Recon 6 with D16 F15 I30 SFR25 and ULL at 5% Man it feels really good and I am now beginning to realise what all the fuss was about.

Thanks :+1:

All good Mark, glad the basic settings are working for you :slight_smile:

Enjoy Mate, have fun! I will go try a few laps at Daytona a bit later tonight, might see you online somewhere.


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