Need to reboot wheel on system reset

Question regarding the behavior of my Simucube 2 Pro- each time that the PC is shut down, Truedrive will not detect the wheel upon system boot up. The wheels power light is on but I have to power cycle the wheel base in order for the wheel to be detected whereupon normal operation resumes. So my only question is why would the wheel base ‘go to sleep’ when power is lost. Having had the wheel for more than a year, I believe this issue has only surfaced in recent months. Appreciate any insights or directing me somewhere else if it’s been raised before. Thanks!

Wireless wheel not detected or SC2 wheelbase not detected?

The wireless wheel goes to sleep to save battery. If you hold both shifters for few seconds it wakes up and will start communicating with SC2. But I don’t know if that is what you are asking about.

known issue that will be fixed very soon, see

True Drive 2021.1 not starting after boot