Moza R9 470$ vs Simucube2 1500$

Do I need to sell my SC2 pro ?
What I like with the SC2 pro, it’s not only the power and smoothness, it’s the True drive panel and effects.
For the moment, I had zero issue.
I just fear the time I will have to change the battery of my both ascher wheels…

I use my sc2 pro with SRB GT3 wheel nearly 4 jrs, battery change needed 1x (last summer) imho forum and support here is priceless good
to sell your sc2 pro because you afraid to change a battery is…idk…
if you go to moza pls let me know how their product/support/community quality is

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I won’t change my SC2 pro for a Moza R9, I have ordered 5 new batteries for my ascher wheels :slight_smile:
I’m just curious about a low cost wheel.


If you already own an SC2P I can’t imagine what benefits would convince you to move

My first battery in my wheel has lasted more than a year and shows no signs of low voltage

I bought spares on Amazon so no concerns there at all

Don’t know anything about R9, but somebody posted their SW screenshots.
Few interesting things like FFB EQ which I assume same as LUT we could use in Kunos titles, but other than that quite confusing even that I can do mental mapping between some of their differently named params and TD.
UI seems to be better organized though.

The EQ is, in essence, a series of notch filters. That kind of thing will cause processing delay.

Have to admit, this looks super interesting coming from an audio eq context:

Would this kind of eq result in microseconds of delay or multiple miiliseconds?

Microseconds would be unnoticeable but yeah might have issues with adding milliseconds.

depends on the microcontroller and the filter implementation, but likely in the microseconds range :slight_smile:

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Actually it is not LUT, LUT is a function over torque values, this one over signal frequency.
There are some other interesting things on these screenshots. On a surface SW looks quite advanced comparing to competitors.