Motor side shaft extension

Hello, I have a sc2 sport, P1-X rig and three wheels and I’m looking to get an extension (60 or 100mm) to allow me to get my screen to sit in front of the motor nicely. Is there a solution to use the simucube QR system with a wheel side extension?

I have only seen it work where the wheel side QR is connected to the extension tube and joined to the motor side QC. Then a Q1R quick release is used between extension and wheel. I would prefer not to go down this route of buying 3 new types of QR. I will try and find a simucube QR based solution if possible?

That’s a downside of the current design.
If you want to stick with SC2 QR you need to get 2 Ascher SQR adapters and put extension in between, like the guy in this post.

You could use an extender located between the wheel and the simucube QR .
The problem is that you need an extender per wheel…

Yes that would be my back up option, to do it per wheel but would prefer not to if possible. Seems strange there isn’t an option to extend the motor shaft officially. I only ever see wheel side adapters.

You need two of those adapters to extend the motor shaft. Then only have 1 extension and not for each wheel.

The industrial servo motors are not designed to take loads from the direction that gets applied from the end of long extension. Thats why endorsing one ourselves would put us into difficult position IF motor bearings started to fail.

We asked our resellers on how long extensions people usually use, and whether an extended solution would be good with standard SQR parts, but nobody answered so we think it is just not commercially viable to offer one.

i set it this way, in order :

  • sc2 standard shaft clamp + 1st outer hub, the one with the 3 holes
  • ascher adapter 70mm
  • B&G 100mm extension
  • HRS XeroPlay motor side qr hub

that is my current set up, before i tried with the simracingmachines sc2 adapter, which works equally fine and gives you direct access to a 70mm connection from the shaft clamp, that’s the option if you don’t want to purchase the ascher adapter (link to the product, in case you want to take a look :

Why do you even bother with SC2 QR parts if you have Xero play, I am on Buchfink myself, replacing motor side hub mount makes it much cleaner.

that’s exactly what i have, only difference the hrs in place of the qr1. maybe you misunderstood what i wrote.

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Things could have been less painful if we just had standard 70mm pattern on motor hub side.
Well, guess at least Martin Ascher has nothing to complain about. :money_mouth_face:

I have 100mm extension from hybrid racing simulations which has 70mm bolt pattern and replaces the standard clamp on the servo shaft. I then have one of Martin Ascher adapters to still use the simucube quick release.


Because most of the resellers got their own design of extensions shaft for sell, then who need it to make officially?

Wheel extensions mounts are standardized by automotive industry. You can find hundreds of them on amazon and ebay, they all fit 70mm pattern, and guess 50mm as well.
I believe only HRS designs its own, but they have custom designs for everything.

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I have the simracingbay extension 130mm, but I need a 200mm at least extension, moving all my wheelbase is too much work, how can i do ???
Simlab sells extensions but it has 6x70mm pattern

We recommend to extend 100 mm maximum, and if longer than that, you should have an external support bearing.

oh I will stay with the simracingbay one, it’s 130mm and good, I will ask for a friend to help me to move my wheel base, but it’s very long with 8020 profiles…and heavy