Motor SC1 analysis

is there any software that can do SC1 motor analysis in what condition? Or if it goes somehow in software granites?

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Please elaborate a bit, what kind of analysis are you talking about?

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I wonder if there is any engine analysis to see if there is any loss of power. This could happen over time and old age. Just whether the engine is 100% fit

Without a torque sensor on the motor shaft, the only way to determine is to observe the motor acceleration on the testing tab - but even then, the PSU has an effect, so you would need a new motor for reference. Not to mention individual differences between different motors/batches.

ok thank you for the info, I saw some software from MOTEC, which was able to scan the course of Newton meters, so I was interested

Also, these types of tests don’t reveal bearing damage/wear. Only electrical damage that could happen, is overheated motor that could cause the permanent magnets to permanently demagnetize, which would cause less torque. But it is unlikely that such overheating would happen even in the most serious simulator use.

it that possible, that the SC1 goes into a protection progrmm after
very strong driving with clipping trough the simucube, it is at 36C° and it was, i think, at 45C°.
Now it feels, it hase 20% less power.

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What is the thermal time constant setting in the servo drive settings? Something like 1500 seconds should not cause any thermally induced throttling.

I don’t know. Have too look in granite.

Hmmmmm, i have the big PowerSurply with 720Watt peak.

Okay, i can reproduce it,
when i use realy high settings, i can drive in rFactor2 with an LMP1 the Nürburgring, after some meters Nordschleife, the clipping begins.
Can i reduce some values for 10 - 15% less power but without using a protect program?

Maybe it is a side effect from mpp? Try with 720 or 0 .

With 720 i had the problem, but 0? Okay, i can test it…

Okay, but i reduce also the A Values. For savety.2020-07-19 14_40_14-Granity

I would also aset the mcc closer to mmc with 1A diff. So if you have 20mmc i would set 19mcc but others say it is not needed , although i like it more since it feels different in some games atleast for me.

Also have the latest ioni firmware there is if it makes any difference

Okay, now it crash with ACC, because in rF2 the power looses.
This is my FW.
2020-07-19 14_55_35-Simucube Configuration Tool2020-07-19 14_57_14-IONI firmware releases - Granite Devices Knowledge Wiki

show us the Fault limits tab in granity

Here are all,
only MCC, MMC and MPP are outdatetd.

2020-07-18 21_20_57-Granity