Motor Faults! Over Current! Power Stage Forced Off! Fault Location ID 442001

Hi there.

I have this problem occasionally. Only if I turn the wheel very hard.
Like when I lose the car and I want to correct it like an idiot and turn the wheel left, right - left right left…
Fix the problem by pressing emergency switch off/on.


It’s a setting problem. Post screenshots of the rest of the tabs from Granity, please. I suspect either FOC or FEV not correctly set.

Or it might be the regenerative braking resistor fault protection triggering.

@DankoH can you try to upgrade to latest IONI firmware? It might have some fixes to this issue.

I think it is the latest one. Will check and post when i get home from work.

Here are photos of all settings. Any suggestions?

Set FOC = MAX, then FEV to something like 2000 or whatever high number, let’s try that first…


Should I be worried to possibly fry the board if I lower overcurrent protection levels?

Nope, been using this setting since the beginning :wink: If you’re using the base servos like small or large MiGe, you will be safe.

ioni firmware btw is at 1.7.16 and you are at 1.7.10 , but try te settings first

Settings work. I can’t get it to error state any more.
Didn’t go like crazy on it, but I replicate forces that would crash it before. Look like it is good now.

Thanks guys.
What would I get with 1.7.16. upgrade?

It will be updated automatically when we finally finish the Simucube 1 firmware update, but if you want to update early,

Yes, main culprit was FEV set to low, but leave FOC also there at MAX, don’t stress about Ioni FW update either, like Mika says, when new FW drops, it will update Ioni automatically at the end of the Simucube FW update process.

Happy driving :wink:


FEV error would give Overspeed Fault. The FOC not at MAX is/was the fault in @DankoH’s settings.

HA yeah, true, my meory must be failing me - getting oldm and not enough beer, or sauna, or icy lakes :joy:

YEs, I know there was a reason I mentioned both, of course FOC will cause that specific error.

You are verrrrrrrrrry OLD! LOL

Haha, we’re getting on in the years, Joe, but at least we’re gaining experience :lol:

What was this topic about again…?

I keep wondering who the man is that stares out from the mirror.
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Still young at heart.:grinning:

Hi @huangjin

The issue you show is different (fault ID number is different), and we need to investigate it more. Please contact your reseller or our support for assistance.

Your issue is the same as in this thread:

and we need more data to get to the cause.