Momo Team 300 - too heavy?

Any Team 300 users? I’ve seen a post here or there suggesting it is just too heavy for simracing. Is it really? I only have the SC2 Sport, but it seems plenty powerful. I’ve seen suggestions that it’s an inertia thing, but how much impact does that have on a wheel that your hands are already trying to hold stationery, resisting force? It’s not like it is spinning freely at speed, then being asked to change direction, it is mostly stationery with some movements to the left and right from forces, that are already being resisted by your hands more than the weight and inertia of the rim itself.

If it is really a problem then I guess I should look at the Sportline Imola, but I really like the look of the Team 300. I want a leather rim, 300mm diameter. Don’t like gloves. Currently have a very chunky SRB Competition V2 rim, but want to move to round (or D). I tried a Fanatec R300 rim on my wheelbase, but will be eBaying it as the grips are very skinny and not that comfortable, felt like a toy.

Thoughts please?

I have a SimCore button box and Momo Team 300 wheel now. It is sligthly heavier than my Ascher B16M-SC + QSP 300mm Rally wheel was.

I originally bought OMP Trecento for the SimCore button box, but it didn’t fit in the end. When I had the rims on my hands at the same time, the weight difference is really noticeable, but not as noticeable when you have the QR and the button box attached.

When driving, I really haven’t felt noticeable difference.

Thanks Mika - I plan to fit it to my SRB BB Ultra box which seems to be about the same weight as the Simcore. I too planned to use the Trecento but it won’t fit. Team 300 looks much nicer, but adds about 600g. I think I might just go with it, you reckon not an issue on the SC2 Sport which I don’t run at 100% anyway?

It depends on what type of FFB you are looking for. My switch for the wheel happened at the same time as the recent physics change on the GT3 cars in iRacing, and the first race I did was with BMW LMDh car, so I really haven’t done 1:1 comparisons yet.

Maybe I’ll decrease damping and inertia filters just a bit.

It’s heavy, you can tell right away, inertia is quite significant.
I’ve had one before unloading in favor of much lighter and more ergonomic Sportline Imola 3-300, got one in leather and one in suede finish. My favorite round wheel to day.

This is how leather version looks like.

I can recommend the Sportline Imola too, really comfy and high quality. Heres mine on the BB Ultra and complete with QR it comes in at 2188g (Rim only is 1030g). I swapped out a Momo Tuner 320 because I didnt like its excessive weight, approx 1360g.

Imola BB Ultra

Thanks guys. Any sources for nice centre cap blanks?

I don’t use any.
Based on quick google search.

Thanks John and Andrew. I’ve ordered the Sportline.

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I’m using the Team 300 for Skippy and other older cars, and love it. I use it without any button-box on those cars, just as an fyi. On my big servo, I do not really notice the additional weight /inertia of the wheel, it might ever so slightly dampen the ffb, but then you can reduce electronic damping and inertia, if necessary.

Unless you’re running zero damping and inertia to begin with. But a wonderful wheel, my favourite next to my OMP ALU 310.

You could buy mine imola 3 fromebay :smile: just for 100 eur delivered as it is almost brand new :wink: if someone else still have interest in imola 3 PM me as price including shipment i can arrnage for 100-90 eur :wink:

Honestly I wouldn’t worry about wheel weight. More static weight tends to make Direct Drive wheels feel more natural. In the end if you are running a FULL active set-up on your wheelbase then you will feel a difference most likely, but, if you use filtering the change will be less and even if you do feel it you can reduce filtering a little to bring out more activeness again.

From my experience the real physical inertia feeling was drastically different from what you can get from the filters. Whether it’s more natural or not, but it definitely required some adjustments to get used to and yet always felt “sluggish”, not to mention having different profile for this specific wheel.
In the end Imola was not only lighter, but also had better ergonomics, so it was a no brainer.

Yes the Physical inertia feel is different than what you can get through filters… Mainly because the Physical inertia would be more analog and all encompassing where filtering is digital and can be more specifically set… I did forget to mention though above that if you are running lower Specific output or at the wheel power, the physical inertia will feel more dramatic as well and actually increasing the strength to compensate for the weight by a few % would help.

I ended up getting the Sportline Imola. Arrived today and I’m happy with it. I think the Team 300 would have been a bit nicer, but the weight ultimately put me off. Having already wasted money on a Fanatec R300 rim and a SRB Competition V2 that I wasn’t entirely happy with, I didn’t want to risk another mistake. Hopefully I can ebay them both easily. Thanks for the advice guys.

I had Momo Team 300 and it wasn’t nicer in any way, ergonomic, build quality, leather, or anything else.
You got Sportline Imola 3, correct?

Yep. To be clear I’ve never touched a Team 300. Just seen it on Boosted.

So I’ve had my Sportline for a week or so now and it’s great. It needed the shifters moved from mounting from the rear of the BB Ultra to mounting to the front of the mounts and it needed 5mm spacers too, as the dish on the Imola is not insignificant. Works great now, though the buttons on the SRB Competition rim were a little easier to reach.


looks ver professional, cool design…sure great wheel.

I wanna buy SRB Competition wheel V2. Why you are not satisfied? It’s something wrong with this wheel ?. Thanks.