Mancave uk unboxing review


I never even checked when ordering either (But checking now it does say that) I just assumed it would come with UK plug or EU-to UK adaptors.
Like we say, not the end of the world just a mild pain and if I had known beforehand I could of ordered the correct UK cables I needed before my new toy had arrived. :slight_smile:

I found the psu for sale on a site and the recommended cable was rated at 6A with a 5A Fuse.


Good find, thank you!

I was also just looking over the Meanwell spec sheet and it states the input current at 1.5A.

Looks like I might well have made a mistake with my fuse choice. Clearly, I’m no electrician!

Better to play safe with a much lower rated fuse. I’d rather you blew a fuse and not your shiny new SC2.


INPUT = 4.5A
OUTPUT = 5.84A


I contacted Jed last week and he was supposed to supply UK power leads. He said he would post them, so just waiting to receive them now.


Why dealers cannot supply their region specific power cords or even let specify region during checkout? Adapters are lame, add bulk, and not that safe.


my unbox Sc2 Sport in Spain