Mancave uk unboxing review


That wheel was a early hand-built demo unit sent to JCL originally, which Franconen had borrowed.


Just went to set up my SC2 pro but unfortunately for me it came with 2 Pin EU and not UK 3 Pin connectors on the 2 psu leads so No go for now.
Do all UK ordered Simucube 2 come with EU 2 Pin connectors ?


Amazon prime be there tmrw make sure there type f


Not Got Prime Andy and think they have had there fill of my free prime offer uses by now(lol)
Just had a quick look on there and most quoting 12-19th est delivery if order now.
Gutting when went to setup and can’t. I assumed would of been 3 pin or came with 2 to 3 pin adaptors. Ah Well, Not much I can do about that now :slight_smile:

Might have 1 in house(Toothbrush charger I think lol) so will have a look, but unlikely to have 2 but will go on the hunt for then 2mora.



NO NOT TOOTH BRUSH ONES … must be these ones 13 amp and shaped like these . 240v


Yes, they all come with the EU plugs.

I’ve changed mine over to UK spec. I believe (without knowing for certain) that the EU plugs were 10A so those are the fuses I went with.


I Will Just have to order 2 online and wait till next week to arrive. Thanks for the warning Andy, :wink:
The Reason I asked is because I noted it stated
“with country specific power leads” so thought I might of got wrong type with my SC2 Pro, but good to know thats not the case and everyone gets EU 2 pin power leads for the PSU.


You can cut the plug off and put a normal 3 pin on it like picture above . Any problems setting up just send a message mate


Whyyyy… Does God mock me like this…
1 found 1 adaptor(13Amp fuse) so I will get another one ordered.


Please don’t use that even tho its a 13 amp . It needs to be earthed that’s what you need the plugs I showed you as you will see two brass bits top and bottom need to fit in and touch them to earth . If you use a plug like that it’s not earthing


Damn it. Just ordered another of the same. Thanks for warning me Andy.
I just wish they had included 2 with the servo kit.


Mine came with both UK and EU Leads!! Ordered from simracingbay


For the leads, we have first hand experience that the leads for other plug types just end up in the waste. So it is more environmentally friendly to supply just the EU leads from the factory where the largest market is, at the moment.

Personally, I do not know how UK leads for PCs etc look like. Is there the same issue that everyone just gathers up the unused leads when you buy a new PSU or whatever?


Hoping Jed’s do too!


Mine came from Jed and had the EU power cables.


Also From Jed.
His order page states " with country specific power leads" and Im guessing thats because like all of us, Jed more them likely assumed the factory would of included UK spec 3 pin psu cables ro both EU and UK or even just EU to UK adaptors so as to cover both options.

Usually if items are for the UK Market you would expect the manufacturer to supply the correct UK Spec plug or adaptor.

Its not a massive issue but just abit bit of a downer when you buy something and set up only to then findout its not got the correct spec plugs, so you have to then order complete new leads or adaptors and We all like to be able to play with our new toys as soon as there setup :slight_smile:


The Meanwell Psu is rated a 48v 280W 5.84A output, so would it safe/ok to use 10A fuse ?

Heres a place I just found with the correct UK spec leads for the SC2 Pro Psu.


I don’t remember seeing that on Jed’s webpage but then again I’m always viewing them from a tablet rather than a pc.

I think maybe I was taking my information from the site and that’s why I was aware that EU spec plugs were being supplied.

With that in mind I had already ordered a couple of replacement plugs a few weeks in advance.

Like you say, pretty frustrating if you don’t get to play with the new toy straight away!


To be quite honest with you, I just looked at the EU plugs that were supplied and they had 10A written on them.

Not scientific at all so perhaps we should both wait for a more official answer before jumping in.

I’m still waiting on some pedals so although my SC2 is fitted and wired up, I haven’t powered it up or used it yet.

I don’t want you to have any mishaps so perhaps we should hold fire until someone with better knowledge confirms this :slightly_smiling_face: