Mancave uk unboxing review

hope its ok to post, did my long awaited unboxing review… part two will follow when i have given it a good run shorlty :slight_smile:
Mancave uk

must say well done to the guys and girls who brought this to production, let me know what you think of my review :slight_smile:


Great review so far , any chance you could post a picture of the bracket supplied to mount the simcube 2 to you rig please .

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hi i have the sim-lab p1 front facing bracket. i can post a pick if needs be but should still be on there site mines the 2018 model. but only diffeance is the side brackets

not the front facing bracket on the p1 but the bracket supplied with the simcube 2 to mount on to diffrent rigs .
Thanks for your time

There’s a lot of adverts on your site, makes reading quite a hassle!

There no bracket with with the su2 but sure there be soon but I believe the su1 mounting will still work as same hole patten

thanks will look at those ads help towards running costs can hit x my ads are 100% safe tho so if you do it one :wink::wink: they help site out.

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Have posted the question on the forum . As it’s states that there is a motor mount in box , Iv gone from a fanatec and havnt a dd face plate , want to bolt directly to alluminiom profile

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hmm odd nothing in with my pro so will see what comes of it and if there should be one then obviously mines missing, i’m yet to mount mine but its not something I use but in future if and very unlikely sell it on so would still like it.

My guess and it’s only that, is that Jed will supply the same mount that was supplied with the Simucube 1.

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yeah prob didn’t give me one as he knows I use the sim lab but I got one in loft anyway that I just remembered I had from my 20nm. yeah if you buy one then as it states you get one in with your purchase happy days.

Apparently there is no motor mount in box … does state there is tho . Will contact Jed and sort … thanxs anyway

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ok bud jed will sort ya out good chap our jed is :slight_smile:

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Correct :slight_smile:

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That’s great news Thankyou Jed …

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Nice job on the unboxing/ initial thoughts. Thanks for doing that.

I enjoyed reading through and being able to see nice clear pictures of what’s coming.

It’s a shame that the warning sticker on the motor states that it’s not to be removed as it spoils the nice clean look imo.

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Yeah I suspect its for there insurance and ce guidelines not sure removing will void ya warranty mika I’m sure could enlighten us or I design a 3d part to make a cover :thinking::blush:

Yea, I fully understand why such a warning is required on something that’s potentially dangerous if operated incorrectly.

I’m sure I’ll forget all about it after about 5 seconds of driving if it’s a good as people are saying :grinning:

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The wheel that Franconen reviewed on YouTube (in French) did not have this warning sticker.