Lost ffb after 1h


Today i got an issue with my sc2 pro on ACC. After an hour of race at Silverstone my ffb became “blank” in few corners for the last 30 minutes, like when you press the safety button.
My sc2 was really hot, can only let my hand 4/5 seconds on it.
That never happens in the past, especially at Monza where i race for 1h30. I’ve not tried with an another game.
It would be nice if i can talk to support team.


Can you test also with iRacing, for example…and post settings.

Could you please post the settings you are using, both in True Drive and in-game.

Philip: iracing is the only sim I dont have sorry…

Mika: I’m at work atm, I will post them in the evening. But from memories:

True drive
Bumpstop: 540
Overall strengh: 60%
Simucube force reconstruction filter: 1
Torque: 330Hz
Damping: 20
Friction: 10
Inertia: 15
Static force et slew rate: off
Ultra low latency mode: 10%
All others are off
Hands off detection off

Overall strengh: 100%
Evrything else off

Thanks a lot for your support.

After 20 minutes, still on ACC. Yesterday it was Undervoltage 201406 after 5 minutes on F1.

thanks, we are investigating. This is the second occurrence of this, the previous one was fixed by exchanging power supplies. Are you able to measure the PSU voltages safely, i.e. do you have a multimeter?

Yes, I have. What should i measure and between which pins?
Just see that

I’ve got 48.4VDC on both power supplies.

I also hade sorta of same thing about 1 hour of testing like when I was turning the ffb was reducing esactly as safe mode ffb

This should be already fixed in the 1.0.10 firmware release.


I had the same thing happen to me ,

Checked all my PSU but iRacing has been fine before and after??

turns out it was some FFB clip plugin I was using with AC … once I reset it/updated it the FFB came back

Sometimes its other factors