LED indicator on IONI (SSSL) motor MIGE (small)

Hello everyone,

big surprise this morning, the IONI safe.

strange because I played there 2 days. after changing settings but … without problems later.

the Carte ioni pro HC flashes orange in SSSL mode (from what I see, I can be wrong but well …) from the wiki: https://granitedevices.com/wik...user_guide/LED_indicators

I re-injected the engine parameters MIGE (small) provided on the wiki site granity (.drc file) by changing the encoder to 10000 and passing the overcurrent tolerance to “high”.

I dry. I unplugged the encoder and reconnected it after reboot: again a problem.
I’ve been playing for 3 months and I’ve never had a problem

SIMUCUBE firmware 09.7a (SAFE 1A profile)
MIGE small
GRANITI 1.14.1

3.5 Ohms between my phases motor.

Small mige HS ?

encodeur is OK

my setup :

What does the Testing tab show?

Please keep in mind, that the DRC files on our wiki are templates, and are not suitable to be used to get a working config for systems in general.

okok, so what do you want on testing tab ?
My skills is low but I can do the test.


It shows the details of drive status.

I will take a screenshot (granity testing) if you want :slight_smile: thx.

yes, it is the most important, there is no way to know otherwise what the problem might be…

for information, what do you think about :

“MMC has to be larger than MCC with some margin. Same value does not work for both.”

because my setup is 5A / 5A .

Yeah, that is true, you should never put them to exactly the same setting.

hey Mika, idem on this racingfr.net :

mtakala a écrit :
MMC has to be larger than MCC with some margin. Same value does not work for both.

after modifications …i have always this PB : SSSL
my new seeting :

This configuration was OK …

Alimentation? Motor? Simucube? . . .

You are still not showing the testing tab, it would clearly show you the fault reason.


so, My pb is STO activated : 440205


But he is not activate …

I remember, after my last game I pressed STO and I shutdown my computer… Maybe a simucube bug with this fonctionnality? is it possible?
(I change My sto fuse : again this PB ! )
If I check Voltage on simucube sto connector > 5Volt

Try activating it and deactivate it a few times. Then it may go back to normal again.
It happened to me before.

thx , but when I shunt my STO …i have again a pb . with just a wire . . . I can reconnect sto and test if you want

again a pb … sto is not hs …