Le Mans Ultimate

Anyone know if there is a setting to prevent the wheel from violently moving during a crash? I have true drive at 100%, in game at 40% and the collision strength in game at 1%. Hitting a wall is rought, but if another vehicle hits you the wheel will rip your arms off. Is there something in a settings file? I can’t find a setting in game. It almost needs a spike filter type setting.

@Mika are you guys able to implement something like this in software? I have it on my motion rig. If there is a spike in motion above a set level it filters it to a slow motion movement. Preventing any violent motion. For steering it could turn on a high level of dampening, preventing the wheel from moving quickly. I guess like an evolution of hands off detection…

Reading this thread I will try some of the other settings posted (currently using Dan Suzukis) but i dont think that will fix the problem.

There already something like this! It is called “Slew Rate”.

@ Everyone
Can someone provide me a Motec File of LMU. That would be very nice!!!
Who want to try something fency look for my posts in the rFactor2 thread. I did get great feedback, also of the wheelbase. :wink:

It seems there are quite a few rF2 players that are averse to using Slew Rate when players complain of jolts / spikes. It’s not clear to me if it’s general ffb anti-filter sentiment or lack of understanding the function and how to set it.

Don’t you feel quite a difference in details delivered with full versus reduced slew rate?
It’s quite noticeable, perhaps with jolty rF2 it’s the lesser of the evils comparing to potential physical injuries, but with normally operated titles like ACC it’s just completely unnecessary.

In my experience the FFB is smoother in LMU compared to rF2. I’m able to run without any in game smoothing and very light filters on my SC2 Pro.

Happy to provide a Motec recording when I get to my PC.


Even so, I still prefer rF2 ffb over ACC’s but, there is a sweet spot where good detail can be retained while eliminating spikes. The spikes may be more of an issue with high Nm levels.

Yeah, it seems LMU has tamed the over-active suspension effects compared to rF2.

Here is a MOTEC file with the LMP2 at SPA.

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