Large Mige Sound and feel

I have a large Mige motor that makes some sound every time I restart it and in Iracing it is a feeling can’t hear it when I play. It sounds like an elder electric motor that is jamed and can’t rotate the axel and the feel in Iracing is like ther is some faulty berings. I don’t have a loose shaft clamp and no faulty bearings or anything like that.

Anyone knows what’s causing it and how to get rid of it?

My spec:
Augury Large Mige
10000 ppm encoder
Ioni Pro HC
480/720 PSU.

Can you post the DRC file you are using, or display screenshots of your settings?

First thing you could try, is to lower the torque bandwidth limit to 680 Hz. Also you can try to lower the MR and ML values a bit in Granity.

Hi Mika,
I’m using the default simracingbay DRC which are availble in the starting guide for the Large mige 2017 unfornatly I’m not allowed to upload to the forum yet :slight_smile:

I’m using TBW 680 hz already and have reduced the ML 3,986 (was 4,286) and MR 1084 (was 1,284) in granity. This made it a bit better.

Which IONI firmware version you are using?

1.7.5 updated a few days ago from 1.7.2 It didn’t do any difference.

mmos or SimuCUBE firmware ? Are you using any filter ? Damper , friction , inertia , overall filter or reconstruction filter ?

Yes, the notchiness that you most likely are describing is coming directly from iRacing’s dismal 60 Hz FFB rate. Also the tyre model can make it feel like stepping, especially if the car is stationary.

I’m using SimuCUBE 0.9.7 and Recunstrution on 5 with TBW on 680 every other filters is off. No damping in app.ini and my in game strenght is around 55-65 Nm and the strenght in SimuCUBE is 100%.
How low on the numbers can you go on the ML and MR without doing some damage to the motor?

I have the same issues, but stronger feeling/more resistance in Assetto Corsa and EST2.

I don’t think that your problem is in ML / MR . Just to clarify you have 0 filters on ioni drive and 0 directinput effects ?

Could you please lower that number and try working with lets say 9.5A ?

I m not familiar with settings in irasing / est2 , but try 9.5A , 50gain in assetto , and fix ffb per car with + - from your keyboard . Make sure you have enabled gyro and disable softlock and set wheel rotation in game to match the wheel rotation in the simucube config. you can find steering lock list here : . You may need to add ioni damper lets say 2% and a little friction 0.50%

if you are more familiar with settings in iracing try there with 9.5A .

i would also advise somethin not relevant exactly , but you could set in granity , Foc = Maximum and you should increase a bit Fev in my opinion in order not to get faults. You could increase Mtc = 2360 . Lower MCC = 13.250 . You could also try setting Mpp from unlimited to lets say 720. It gives a nicer handling at least in assetto. All these are my opinion. Feel free to test.

i also doubt that we can damage those servo motors

Yes Loukas, no ioni filters and no direct input effect.

I will try this out.

Thanks a lot for all your effort, I appreciate it.

if you try ~9.5A and want 1:1 in iracing it think you must set it for 10Nm

or if you want more try ~13.4A and set 15Nm

i am no expert when it comes to iracing as i told you. my info comes from reading Brion Shon

you could also upload your drc to check it somewhere else if you cannot here.

I have tried everything you said both in Assetto corsa and Iracing. The resault in Assetto Corsa, no bigger difference the small amount of difference is based of different damper settings that mask the issue without really solve it. The same for Iracing, the issues are smaller in iracing so it mask it more.

does reducing the tbw reduce the noise ? try 330 or 150 just to check

just curious , on the test tab in granity what is your HV DC bus ?

i made a drc for you if you want to try some time. just give me a sec to change somethin to that

reducing the TBW doesn’t help.

I will try your DRC-file :slight_smile:

use this

15015_MAX_700-48v_10Kppr.drc (9.2 KB)

i changed some things to be sure , check te values yourself if you find something that doesn’t seem right , ask first.

Ok, thanks a lot for all your help :slight_smile: the HV DC bus, is it HV DC bus voltage your asking for? If so it’s pending between 47.5 and 47.6 VDC.

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thats what i thought , close to 47.3 that we have . that’s why i changed fov to 50 . anyway i hope it helps . if not you can always revert to your previous drc

i would also talk with simracingcoach to provide drc for augury , or try to help you in case there is a hardware fault , just to be sure.

the differences in your drc compered to what I had is.

MUL 100 mine was 50
DIV 100 mine was 50
MMC 25,000 mine was 19,000
MR 1,245 mine as above in post
ML 3,955 mine as above in post
MPP 700 mine was 720
FOV 50 mine was 49,50
FUV 25 mine was 30
FFT 0,500 mine was 0,100
FEV 3000 mine was 100

everything else is the same.

I just tried your DRC and it’s still there just more masked.