KartKraft and Simucube



We can maybe start a thread regarding this sim…


No more input lag…


Strange that any sim these days would have actual input lag. Is there a particular setting that affects this in KartKraft?



this was at the first “start” of the game. And it was with
-Reconstruction filter to 1
-And the torque bandwidh limit to “unlimited”

Today i put the bandwidth to unlimited and testing between 1 and 5 on the “reconstruction filter”


Is it significantly better than the karting DLC in RF2? (If you have tried both). I found it quite fun but not sure if I need more karts in my life as I don’t find myself using that dlc all that often…


I’m pretty happy with this right now. It’s pretty much nullified osculations for me.


Add some FFB FILTERING (4 / 7) and feel the difference …

And don´t forget at the beginning of the steering wheel setting configuration to choose a wheel in the list (i´ve chosen the t500)


After the patch yesterday I now have some major oscillations, like quite severe actually. It was fine before the patch.



KartKrafts physics run at 500 Hz.
After the latest update they added a skip FFB step option, with 5 steps maximum, for controllers that can’t handle the speed.
With the simucube we have to use setting 3 where setting 0 is the optimal, 3 corresponds with about 120 Hz.
Is this due to directX, Or other causes?, can this somehow be optimized?


I noticed that I even had to go to setting 4 to get rid of spiking in the FFB.
What I don’t really understand, it’s not logical.
With e.g. Iracing we were suffering of a low Hz output of the sim causing spikes.
This sim outputs 500Hz, and it can’t be utilized without the physics of the sim collapsing at that frequency.
Can someone please explain what could be wrong here?
Thanks in advance.


This might have something to do with the way the simulator is running its internal physics engine. Naturally more higher update frequency would reveal more spikes from the physics.


That could be the case,
But why can other wheel systems run at setting 0, or 500Hz, without causing the sim (physics) itself to collapse.
The FPS go down severely (1 FPS) and the karts fall through the track when running it at that setting using Simucube.
Thats what makes it illogical for me.
I asume there was no contact between you and the dev of Kartkraft?


I haven’t had any contact. There should not be any FPS issues either, so maybe they are doing something strange with the FFB code and as we are relying on the Microsoft driver, there might be issue with that and it would work on some other device.

Maybe I’ll just get myself kartkraft and get some ffb debug…


It’s great fun driving it btw, and still early access.
So possible there are some things that need to be changed.
Great and nice community on discord also.


Debugging this has progressed, and I’m working with the developer to fix the issue.