Just got a simucube 2 sport need help

hi ive just got a simucube 2 sport but I can seem to get any games to feel right with it I would be grateful if any more experienced users could share some profile settings with me for f1 2019-20 Ac and Acc project cars 2

There are seperate topics for all these games with settings posted there, please have a look there first.

Thanks but would i be able to use setting for a pro when I have a sport ?

Yes, the only difference between sport and pro is the strength.

Its not the only strength; the maximum slew rate is also different and thus Sport has slightly less crisp FFB. But, the available settings and their function is largely the same, so the same profile settings can be generally used for all Simucube 2 models.

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Ok thanks for the info I will see what I can find

so is there a way to report the slew rate limit value from a pro setting to a sport one? I mean how can it be converted?

It doesn’t need to be converted; the slider maximum value is just different.

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However, there is special power limiting function on both of the models - separate of the slew rate limit, and it is that filter that gets kicked in earlier on the Sport model.

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Good to know. When there has been a previous discussion on here about this I’ve been told it was just the power is different.

It is difficult but possible to feel the difference. Depending on the strength and filter settings.