Upgrading from a Logitech G25 to SC2. Which model should I get?

Hi all,

recently been building a rig (Sim-Lab P1X) and now my 11 year old Logitech G25 is well past due for an upgrade. I’m considering of making the big leap directly to a SC2 DD and skip all the Thrustmaster, Fanatec CSW 2.5 in-betweens… I know it will be a huge difference and I don’t have any experience with anything better than a G25. I already upgraded the pedals to Heusinkveld Sprints.

I’m hesitating between the Sport and the Pro though. The pro’s (pun-intented) of the Sport is that it sports (pun-intended) only a single power brick and is cheaper. I don’t think I’ll ever need the full torque power of the Pro anyways, as I’m not that big of a guy with massive forearms lol. I just want a good experience with decent amount of force where I can get a way better feeling of what the car is doing (i.e. when it wants to step out on me) than I have now with the G25. Mainly playing iRacing with GTE, GT3 cars, and formula cars every now and then.

The only thing that throws me off a bit with the Sport is that reduced slew rate (what does that do exactly?), but then again I’m not sure how much that would affect my experience in a negative way.

Would love your input on it. Also, if anybody has power usage figures between the Sport and Pro in normal conditions, I would love to see those, couldn’t find any or maybe I overlooked it completely.

Many thanks.

Boosted Media did a direct comparison between the two:

You’re right in that you’ll probably never need the full strength of the Pro, but he does seem to be able to tell a difference between them from the slew rate. However, you’re not going to miss what you don’t know so get the one that fits your budget.

Thanks man, yes I saw that video recently and that’s mainly the reason why I’m hesitating. Without this vid I’ve probably have settled for the Sport without a doubt but now I’m not so sure. Money ain’t too much of an issue honestly, but don’t want to spend it on something that’s overkill. Still have a wheel to buy too


i had the same decision as you. I went for the PRO but i bought it used, perfect condition for the same price as the SPRINT in new.
Take a look on the market if someone around is selling a used one.

I was in the same boat, went with the Pro as I felt for two hundred more euro’s it was worth it as the next step up was going for more than a 1000

The Pro seems to check all the boxes for me, Boosted media also did a comparison from the Pro to the Ultimate

Like you I came from a G29 and money was not an issue when I made my purchasing decision to go for the sport. Personally thought why spend money when you don’t need to and deployed the EUR 200 saved on accessories, furthermore I wanted a smaller form factor and also did not like fact that pro needs 2 power bricks. Unless you are into driving 80s cars with no power steering then 17nm is more than adequate. The torque slew rate I understand makes changes in torque more smoother and whilst I have clearly have not experienced the pro the sport wheel is buttery smooth - Sport or Pro, either way i don’t think you will regret!

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There are plenty of modern race cars that can hit over 30nm of torque, not just “80s cars with no power steering”. If you actually want to experience that much force is a different matter.

The slew rate is how quickly the signal can be applied, so a higher slew rate will allow finer details to be felt. Lowering the slew rate makes the ffb smoother and more rubbery at the expense of fine details.

I had the same dilemma 1 year ago and finally i went for the pro. Coming from the g29 for sure both the sport and the pro will be an extreme improvement. Whichever you decide to go for, immediately when you try it out you will get a smile on your face that will not go away and you will finally realize what FFB is.

Coming from 2.5nm wheel, in the beginning i was cautious, but as soon as i got used to the strength and power i kept increasing it. I cant say if i ever used more that 17nm (probably doubt that), but i like the fact to know that there is headroom and i am not maxing out the motor. The slew rate might be an issue, but i don’t think you will ever be able to notice it, especially if don’t try the pro.

I don’t think the pro is an overkill, maybe the ultimate is. For me the pro was the better and rational choice as the price difference from the sport is not significant enough. I am quite happy with it and i don’t regret for a second having not chosen the sport. If money is not an issue, then my advice is to go for the pro. You don’t get to buy a DD wheel every 1-2 years, it is something that you will keep for a long time. Also, i guess you already know that serious sim gear is an expensive hobby and you should be prepared to spend some serious money, but it is worth it… (i realized that myself…). I mean you have already invested in a P1X, then you ll need some serious pedals, a shifter, buttonbox and the list goes on.

Anyway whatever you decide, going with a Simucube either sport or pro, i am sure you are going to love it.

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This is Mika’s input on Pro vs Sport

Many thanks all for the replies. Yes the 200€ price diff is not that big of a bridge to cross, so in the end the pro might be the “safest” and most future proof choice. The only thing bothering me a bit is the double power bricks. But in the end that’s just aesthetics I guess. Anybody know how much Watt the Pro draws on peak usage ?

450 Watts

I just got my Sport and really doubt that you can feel the difference in slew rate. Regardless of whether these slew rates are realistic. I have it set to the max. of 4.7 Nm/ms at the moment and i can feel each individual curb stone when going over them in ACC (incredible). I’d say go with the Sport as long as your goal isn’t replicating early 90s F1 steering forces.