Ionicube e ioni pro

I have a question regarding (product) regarding (issue).

My hardware configuration:
-ionicube 1x with ioni pro
-small mige with 5000ppr
software vnm with 23 bit support

my question is
can ionicube 1x support 23 bit seriall encoder (biss c)?
i know that mmos doesnt support it but i am using new open source firmware with support of 23 bit encoder but i am not certan that driver will support it.

I’m not familiar with the architecture of a new open source software. Do you have a link?

as always trough stm32
ionicube will support seriall encoder?

i am currently testin effects. dont use mmos for two months

Ioni Pro and Pro HC support BiSS-C encoder.


Hi Alek,

On which forum do they talk about this new firmware the most?

I am very interested to try it on some old Ionix1 and Argon controls.

Are you using the older STM32 Discovery board from 4+ years ago?


yes i am using old olli from simplicity

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Thanks!Alek cool stuff!

I remember now someone spoke about this beta software on Thanos controller website.

Hi Mika. Did you manage to see architecture of VNM software. Hoan one off the creators would like to contact you for absolute encoder support

Hi Alexander

IONICUBE 1X is just a motherboard. The encoder connector is indentically wired than IONICUBE (4X) and simucube 1 board. You can use any encoder that IONI supports.

Kind regards, Esa

If he is meaning to develop his own BiSS-C protocol reader into his system, then I can’t help as such code is not in our Simucube open source codes - it is in the closed source IONI implementation that we can’t just give out.

Ok. Then we need to move forward to other drivers that support absolute encoder.

How would that help? If his firmware needs to read absolute position, he must implement the reader somehow.

In our device, the readout can be read from IONI using the SimpleMotionV2 interface, that is what our Simucube firmware does.

We didn’t understand each other. I made a mistake. Biss c is common protocol. Pinout is already on wiki (because is selling like bissC capable). Stm32 discovery is for that.
We discuss it is better to move forward to 24bit encoder