IONI Firmware; Everything After 1.6.1 Terrible

IONI Firmware
So recently I decided to try the latest Simucube firmware. I was forced to use the 10701 ioni firmware.
I found there was way less detail, and the steering had a light and elastickyness too it.
I went back to the old 10601 firmware by using an older Simucube firmware, my wheel was back to normal.

This is not quite as bad as the 163 firmware. But still, this is totally unacceptable. I am stuck using the 0.93 Simucube firmware forever.

Is it not possible to keep using the 10601 firmware, at least in an unsupported way?

It is not possible to use earlier version with current SimuCUBE. Although it is possible to add code to allow that, there are features planned in future that are not even implemented yet in current IONI firmwares.

Nobody else is reporting anything similar. I would like to see the DRC file you are using.

Lenze servo?

10702 is the heaven of the servos

Where can I find the DRC file?

Connect to drive via Granity, then save setting to file.

settings.drc (9.2 KB)

Thanks, I’ll have a look when I can.

What games are you using, and what types of driving situations the feel is worse?

Thanks Mika,

It’s Assetto Corsa (the only sim I drive). It’s just generally in the corners.

Mige 130ST M10010 with 2048 SinCos

Hi Mika,

Have you looked at the drc file?

Also, is there much discussion about this with the IONI people? It seems like filters get added to the firmware, & there is nothing the end user can do about it?

Edit: or maybe it’s not filters?

Kind Regards

Nothing special was found in that DRC file. So far, I haven’t been able to find any explanation to your reduced feelings.

It’s got to be filtering surley?

the mmc and mcc shouldn’t be the same , also the mms is way off. what’s your psu ?

Good catch, I wonder why I didn’t notice this.

@Emmett_Scully: Having the MMC and MCC at the same value, reduces the headroom to produce “peak” forces in cornering. I suspect that you are hitting the MCC, and it won’t let any spikes larger than that because your MMC is the same, thus clipping the force output.

For some IONI firmware versions, having the same values for both of these made the drive not init, but I believe it has been changed for the latest versions.

also mms is way off , 1000 should be the set and not 65000

he should change the values of mcc and mmc , if he tells us his psu we could help and then recalculate mr and ml because 9,078mh seems way off.

Out of curiosity what should my mcc and mmc be set to if I have a small mige simucube and ioni hc with a 480PSU? Sorry to butt in but I just wish to check my settings are correct.

MCC for example 10.5 A and MMC at 12.86 A.

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MMC 12.86A like Mika told already

Although i don’t own the small , theoretically MCC for 10nm of rated torque should be set at 6,428A

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Thanks everyone for the suggestions, I’ll try these over the next few days

Also, the power supply is an Antek Inc PS8N48. which is 800W linear unregulated. The values were obtained using the auto function in Granity
And I don’t think I’m clipping, becasue I have AC set to 50%

your psu is top notch . The settings you are using on the other hand are not.

fft = 20 sec , fev = 500 and fmo = 500 ? really ? also setting the mpp higher than your psu’s watt is not optimal.

try these:

Goals tab
BDD = 1
BED = 1,500

machine tab
MMS = 1000
Mcc = 6,250
Mmc = 12,860
Mr = 2,744
Ml = 8,601
Mtc = 2360
mpp = 800

fault limits tab
fuv = 25
fft = 0,500
fev = 30000
fmo = 0

i mentioned only those that needed changing. mr and ml are only examples , after you hit apply for the new settings , use the calculator to get the new values and then re hit apply.

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