I Have a 10.000 PPR Encoder on my small mige is it worth to upgrade to BiSS-C 4.2 Million


Nice review Seb!
I knew you couldn’t resist the upgrade. :wink:

Do you still feel irFFB is better than stock iRacing?
I probably need to try it again as I’m just getting back into some racing after a long hiatus


Skeijmel, Would be curious what you think of it with AMS compared to the 10,000. If there is a sim that seemed to be smoother to me when I upgraded, it was AMS with its 360 rate.


i don’t have AMS installed anymore but its the same for all the games they are all a bit smoother. its subtle but worthwhile improvement.


Could you please add a copy of your Simucube profiles file here?



Here are my settings:

One profile to rule them all :wink: and if needed in rf2 for example i sometimes manually change the steering range to 540 or 420 depending on the car since the game doesn’t sort wheel ranges out itself…


Thanks for that!

What cars do you drive in iRacing?


Hello people. I’m new here as I would like some clarification about upgrading my hardware. I have an ioniboard based product from Sim-pli.city which uses MMoS but I’m hearing a lot about simucube boards and software. As I understand, I could replace my board with the simucube, get the BISS C encoder and install software. Would this give me better forcefeedback. Would love to hear your opinions.




It will give you better input and output filtering and more control over everything… So Yes the SimuCUBE with the SimuCUBE firmware will give you better feel in the feedback. So if you are willing to tackle it (which isn’t really that hard) the SimuCUBE board is a worthwhile investment.

You do not necessarily need to upgrade to BiSS (although it does help smooth output filtering) and if you do you would probably have to make sure you get a kit through someplace like SimRacingBay that allows it to be installed on the Older Servos as the mounting is a bit different.


So swapped ioni cube to simucube and tested with the 5k encoder. Amazing difference! Loads smoother and the fab makes sense in every situation. Then the BISS c arrived today so fitted and tested it and I found I have a much better sense of control and feel. As many have already said the jump from 5k to BISS c was noticeable and I could imagine the jump from 10k wouldn’t that big. Anyway I now have a sealed and boxed brand new and unused 10k encoder I ordered before getting the BISS c. They arrived on the same day. Let me know if you’re interested. It was ordered from simracingbay.com

If you’re interested let me know.

Finally a big thank you to the whole community for your questions and support.




What’s the trade off with the force feedback reconstruction filter. I have it set to 1 and it already feels better than ionicube/mmos etc. I’ve heard it might introduce lag, so what would be ideal setting. I’m gonna go ahead and do some tests this week on each setting to see what I notice but I don’t want to introduce any latency…




it is a smoothing filter that is also predictive in nature. Large values will result in the input signal getting filterd to more and more smooth, but the filter has lag if the signal makes a sudden change in direction - there will be a slight delay due to overshoot. Screenshots of the behavior here:


Originally the setting at 5 was deemed to make iRacing’s 60 Hz signal look smooth but without too much overshoot lags. Personally, I’m stuck at using 1 or 2.


That was very helpful thank you. Yes, I’m happy with it set on 1, it’s way way better than my previous OSW build so I’m happy already.

Keep up the hard work… I’ll get you a coffee or beer soon!



Im interested in 10k ppr encoder, i sent you PM.


I too, have a good used 10k encoder for the Mige motors if anyone is interested (USA).


I also have a good used 10k encoder for the Mige motors if anyone is interested (UK)


you need atleast rcon 5 on the 60hz iracing signal and i would recommend rcon 8 myself for all games. the lag it adds is so low its irrelevant. compared to the notchy geary feel of the low rcons. even 5 is way too low and feels like a hacksaw.


maybe is a good option to have a buy/sell/trade subforum here, so we can make some good deals on our spares etc… what do you think admins?


Probably not enough market to do that here, and also would need rules and moderation resources. Also conflicts a bit with some future plans we have for this community forum. :sunglasses:


What??? Ollie from sim-plicity offer 8,388,608 (8M) cpr absolute encoder in his OSW . Is it Biss-C but in 23 bit mode or is it something totally new?


i don’t know but that setup doesn’t use simucube , so i don’t know if they use 23bit in the software that they made.