Huge vibrations when stopped on AC


I got an Big Mige with an 2.1m ppr SinCos encoder :

If i set the strengh over 50% on simucube, when i’m stopped in AC ( in stand for exemple ) the DD vibrate strongly on a realy small interval.
It make a lot of noises , i use the E-STOP to stop. If i drive above 3km/h noise stop and FFB is correct

I tried to modify the assettocorsa.ini :


But it didn’t solve the problem…

Thanks for your help

Can you show how your SImuCUBE profile looks like?

Decrease Direct input damper effect to something like 15-20%

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@Gonzas This is correctly working !!! Thanks, is it affecting in-game ffb ?

Yes, Directinput effects are game-command effects. The encoder resolution has some affect on them, and the damping might go unstable with high-res encoders. Thats why I implement a slider for it… :slight_smile:


Affect only when the car is stopped, and for the gyro effect , but ive seen that damper effect should be more or less the same master gain value you have ingame or even less.

I have 45% gain in Asetto for my Small mige and damper effect at 18% in Simucube config tool.


I would never expect it was that,

Thanks a lot for your help guys :slight_smile:

Are these settings explained in the main AC thread here? ( Assetto Corsa and SimuCUBE )

If not, could someone write up a good post into that thread about this? thanks.