Huge input lag + random droped signal

Hello guys

Two days ago I faced a problem captured in this vid,

a huge input lag for a few other seconds, and a random freeze in the signal.

it happens some times to my pedals and some timse to the wheel, so I’m guessing it is a usb connection issue of some sort, but 90% of the time it happens to the wheel.

I have tried everything that I can find from the internet but with out any luck.
If some can help I’l be very grateful.
Thanks in advance.

Does this happen ingamr as well or only in the True drive gui? If the latter is the case, are you sure the TD Gui is active (on the foreground)? Otherwise its normal that there’s a delay in the wheel image vs your wheel movement.

Is this a wireless wheel?

Is there perhaps some EMI issue?

Happens to me also with TD GUI, no problems with (A)AC and iRacing.
So, is your issue only with the GUI?

Your pedals are HS looking at the software.
General issue with Windows drivers?
I would start by disabling Power Management.

I know there are USB devices that poll the USB bus too often.
Disconnect ALL devices and reconnect 1 by 1 to test

The graphics update rate is just dropped in True Drive if it is not the foreground window, to ease cpu consumption.

it does happen in game, I can’t complete a single corner on any track.

I’m using an sfx-100 build, EMI issue is likely to be also the reason, do you have any recommendation that I can try to do ?

The affect takes place on all games.
I have disabled all power management for all the ports.

I only have tried changing the ports that I was using before, I’l try reconnecting them one by one and hopefully that helps.

unfortunately it is not the TD GUI, the issue is affecting the gameplay, you can notice the sudden signal drop at the end of the video.

Check the first search result in this link for some useful info on emi prevention;

yeah, my bet is then on SFX-100 EMI, grounding issue, or a ground loop that causes strange things to happen.

Aha, the SFX issues…
I’m using a SFX to :grimacing:

  1. Make sure there is filtering installed between AASDA and wall outlet
  2. Make sure the grounding between AASDA and servo is properly connected
  3. I installed ferrite cores on ALL cables on both ends, pwr, data and Arduino USB
  4. Installed the AASDA units in a proper case and grounded everything properly.

JohnnyV made my GTE wheel and the big carbon parts where not properly connected to ground.
I could really feel the energy build up in the carbon parts until the wheel started to do funny stuff.
So I created a couple of extra ground wires in the wheel itself.
Make sure you take a multi-meter and test everything on proper ground connections.

I do have the 10Khz buzz, butt electric interference is gone.
And I LOVE the SFX

The biggest issue with these SFX builds is that most servos shop without any shielding on the servo power-cable.

I will highly advise that you replace servo power cable with proper shielded cable, you can visit this store and get the 4-core shielded version, 1mm 17AWG:

I am really hoping that the project owners of this SFX effort will give feedback to their community on this EMI issue, as it has been around since the beginning. The mere fact that you are experiencing issues on a variety of your devices 100% points to the SFX as the culprit. Power it down and my bet is the issues will all stop.

I have a few of those cheap Chinese AASD-15A servo drives and the 80ST-02430 servos here, I have measured the noise with my Oscilloscope around the unshielded servo power cables and Drive when you sent position-control Signals to the servos, and the EMI is substantial.

Just using the proper shielded cables to the servo and suppression chokes at the UVW terminals at the drive controller, totally eliminates EMI.

Unless you do that, I am afraid you will not be happy with the overall result.

You are linking to an order, I can’t open your order according uncle Ali

Try now, I fixed it.

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Thank you guy for the fast response and feedback.

The problem that I do not have any background on grounding things and EMI related issues, the rig was functioning very well for a whole month and a half, until last week :pleading_face:

I will be trying every thing that you provided guys and do my best to solve this problem and race again.

Thanks again for this awsome community.

Im in the process of building one right now. If you ask when ordering the motor they can supply shielded cables. But you have to ask at this point. Do you have a link to the chokes you are talking about?

@morpwr: Yes, I know you can ask for shielded cables to be supplied, but a few of them will actually do it, due to a variety of reasons, even fewer of the community is actually aware this is even a thing.

Many guys have already build-rigs with unshielded cables…so my earlier link should help them to get it all sorted.

I have a link for the suppression cores somewhere, I will post it later.

@fhd77: You can still race, simply don’t use the motion rig until you have it fixed :wink:

I figured you would but others may not know that. The company listed on the RD forum has a package for the sfx100. All you need to do is ask for the SFX100 build along with shielded cables and type A or B motor. Cant get much easier to order all the needed pieces.

Yes the early builds don’t have a choice but to switch cables.

That would be great if you could. Thanks for the tips also!

Ha, package sounds good for the peeps, so it’s pretty well-sorted for newcomers to SFX motion :wink:

I will find that linky for the chokes and post it up for you.

Edit: Here it is, I found these works well in conjunction with the AASD-15A drive, but get one first to test, just in case ->

There are cheaper ones around of course, but ymmv

Yes some of the guys found companies that are really easy to deal with so its much simpler now. You can just place one order from one supplier to get all the major pieces.

I don’t have a problem spending the money for something that just works. Thanks for the link ill get some ordered.

One question though. You mentioned putting it around the UVW cables. Is that 3 chokes for each controller or 1 for each and all three go through it? I don’t have the motors yet so im not sure what you mean. But I want to get the chokes ordered because the motors are on the way.

Thanks for your help

Ha, one choke for each controller only :wink:

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